Why Negativity is So Positive


Here’s something to consider:

Many writers try to inspire or evoke emotion and fail miserably. If you write something and receive a negative reaction, you didn’t fail. You inspired others to act. Consider yourself a success.

How sad would it be if you wrote something and no one responded? Or if every one just said, “oh I agree” and left it at that. If people are angry with you, if you touched a nerve, you’re doing your job as a writer – even if you don’t feel that way at first. Not everyone has the talent to inspire others to react. Take it as a job well done.

What have you done lately to inspire passion?


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    I had hoped to inspire some passion in yesterday’s election, but I think I made the blog post a little too close to election day. I should’ve gotten angry earlier.

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    I always fear negative reaction but I’m doing my best to see it in a different light. I’m glad for this enlightening post, I can now say that I’m a writer. :-)

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    This is an interesting take on an all-too-common issue. I’m not sure that the next time someone says, “You suck” that I’ll appreciate how I must have generated some passion in the person to make them share that sentiment, but I’ll give it a shot. :)

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      Jodee, people tell me I suck on a regular basis. I can let it get to me or I can think about the reasons why they feel this way. If something I do or say inspires them to write a negative comment or blog post about my suckyosity, at least I know I inspired action. Some bloggers don’t get a reaction at all. I consider it a compliment.

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    I think it’s important to differentiate between writing an intelligent and well-researched article that might inspire controversy (“autism” and “vaccine” is a good example; I write on environmental issues, which also tends to prove controversial at times. “Tar sands” anyone?). However, I beg of you not to stoop to Glenn Beck-esque flaunting of fact simply to inspire reaction. That simply lowers journalism to inflammatory entertainment.

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    I’m not a fan of controversy for controversy sake and that’s not what this is about. I don’t agree with writing blog posts or articles that will rile folks up just to bring in traffic and watch people go at it.

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    I’m sorry to be flip. I don’t write about controversy for its own sake. But I have found that if I blog about, say, a terrific autistic artist, I get no response. But if I blog about a study that has ANYthing to do with vaccines, I get a storm of response – even if I don’t venture an opinion of my own.


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      I know exactly what you mean, Lisa. I hesitate to talk about certain topics, even if they need to be discussed, because I know there will be lots of negativity. I never mind respectful disagreement, I don’t like sniping, cursing and cattiness.


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