Will You be Job Hunting During the Holidays? You Should!

1128251_3_presentsI’m pretty sure the term “Holiday Season” is a misnomer. With all the extra demands and dare I say it – expectations – that come with this time of year to make it the “best ever,” I bet there are a lot of people who need a holiday to recover from the Holidays.

While it may be tempting to put your job search on hold until after New Year’s Day, please resist the urge to do so. Your clients are business owners of one kind or another, and they aren’t going to close their doors just because of the Holidays. Things might be a little slower for them or it might be business as usual, no matter what the date on the calendar is.

Even if a potential client is taking some time off over the Christmas Season, they will be still be planning for their writing needs for the New Year. Now is a good time to be looking for work. Your fellow freelancers may be thinking that there are no gigs right now and aren’t looking as diligently as they would be at other times during the year. This is a busy time of year, and in our effort to focus on the things we do to make our holiday memorable, looking for work can easily take a back seat.

I would encourage you to continue to pitch potential clients, send out queries and respond to ads – just like you do at any other time of year. Take advantage of the fact that there may be less competition right now. This is your chance to show the potential client how diligent you are and that will make you stand out as a stellar candidate. You may land a great gig to start your New Year off right.

Do you continue to apply for gigs through the Holiday Season, or do you back off until after the Holidays are over?


  1. says

    “You may land a great gig to start your New Year off right.”

    OR, you may land a great gig starting now that will carry you into the New Year…

    Jodee — excellent post!


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