5 Best Article Writing Posts of 2009

Picture 5I love the year end best of and countdown lists. Every year I spend way too much time in front of the tube cheering and booing celebrity scandals, top news stories, hottest songs, etc., and why should the FWJ blog be any different? So pull up your chair and get that clicking finger ready because here are the best Article Writing posts for FWJ!

1. How to Lose Control of an Interview – April 2009

This post, designed to get people talking about interview basics, also got people discussing the pros and cons of ‘off the record’ discussions.

2. 5 Things You Never Say to Editor – October 2009

When it comes to editors writers always have a lot to say, but there are some things you should keep to yourself!

3. Self-Editing Tip #1 – Distancing Yourself from Your Work – July 2009

Self-editing is a tough task for many writers, the best way to establish your editor’s hat is to distance yourself from your work.

4. A Word About Plagiarism – August 2009

Plagiarism is rampant among writers, especially on the net, here’s how to make sure you come down on the right side of the pen.

5. 5 Ways to Kill a Good Article – June 2009

The best article can take hit if sloppy work, poor planning and spotty editing get a hold of it.


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