Catch Deb on Wednesday at the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Business of Blogging

I’ve been invited to fill in at the last minute for another blogger at the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Business of Blogging webinar this week. The webinar lasts for several days and discusses many of the different aspects of the business end of blogging.  My session is on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. EST and focuses on FWJ and how I grew (and you can grow) a blog into a business. Other speakers include Jenn Fowler, Shiela Scarborough, Michael Martine, Charles Orlando and so many others. Cost for the event is an affordable $15. Check out a few of the topics:

  • How to Build a Sustainable Brand from Scratch
  • The Business of Being Authentic
  • Three Keys to Blogging: Consistency, Passion and Patience
  • I’m Not Just a Mommy: Professionalism and Blogging
  • Expanding Your Brand Using Online Tools

For more information or to register, (and no, this isn’t an affiliate link) check out the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Business of Blogging Webinar website.


  1. says

    The Girlfriend’s Guide Webinar looks interesting. I checked their web site and wasn’t clear who is behind the scenes there, can you fill me in? In other words, whose site is it, as the “About” link did not answer this question. Also, do you know if a recording will be available afterwards, as it is somewhat short notice, thanks.

    PS With regard to all the comments you are getting re:”making money” from your blog, I don’t get it. The idea is to make money at it, and you of all people should not be criticized as you offer so much great value and content. I am a somewhat new reader to your blog, but am I missing something? Bloggers and aspiring writers and readers should see you as a role model and a great resource, not someone who should be “resented” for making money…

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