Quick Tip: Don’t Turn Down a Friend’s Request for Help

Last week I was in the supermarket when my friend’s husband stopped me to ask some questions regarding his blog. A couple of weeks before that, a neighbor stopped me at a school function to ask me about helping with a social media project. I offered to help them all. Though most offer, I don’t accept payment half the time. It’s not that I don’t need the money, it’s that personal projects aren’t usually that deep or in depth. I consider it as leaving behind a sample of my work.

Why do I help my friends?

One works for Johnson & Johnson, another for IBM. One owns a very lucrative web design company, another is the vice president of an organization. If I help them with their personal projects, they might recommend me for freelance projects at their places of employment. If they’re happy with what I do, they’ll tell others and that’s never a bad thing.

Everyone has the ability to help you to become a success. If they’re not a potential client, they know a potential client. What do you think will make you stand out in their minds more: If you took the time to help them with a quick project or if you turned them down because they’re friends or because they don’t pay enough?

Just something to think about on a Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Christine V. says

    Doing a favor can also expand your skills. When a friend asked me if I could print business cards for her, I started playing around with my computer’s printing capabilities. (Amazing what that puppy can do.) Also, getting away from writing and trying another creative activity was refreshing.


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