26 Blog Posts and Articles About Freelance Taxes


So…I’m sitting here thinking about how my quarterly taxes are due in January and probably many of you are having the same experience. Freelance writers don’t pay taxes in the same manner as those who are salaried employees. We have to plan ahead and predict. For freelance veterans, this may all seem routine. However, new freelancers might be confused as to how to pay taxes as a freelancer and estimate taxes if needed. Many don’t even realize they have to put away money from each gig for taxes.

To help, I’ve prepared a list of posts about freelance taxes. Hopefully you’ll find some, if not all, helpful.

From the Freelance Writing Jobs Network:

  1. Tax Tips for UK Freelancers
  2. What Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Taxes
  3. How to Solve Freelance Tax Problems
  4. When a Writer Needs to Hire a CPA
  5. Easy to Forget Income Tax Deductions
  6. Introduction to Quarterly Taxes
  7. 3 Ways to Reduce Your Freelance Writing Taxes and Help Yourself
  8. Tax Tips for Freelance Writers
  9. 20 Tax Deductions for Freelancers
  10. Year End Tax Tips for Freelance Writing Businesses
  11. When Your Freelance Writing Business Gets Audited

From Around the Web:

  1. From the IRS: This Guide to Estimated Taxes is very helpful and will tell you if you need to file quarterly estimated taxes and how to go about doing so.
  2. Freelance Tax FAQs at The Anti 9 to 5 Guide – This post is from 2006 but it’s still very helpful.
  3. Taxes and Freelancing: A very useful roundup from About.com Tax Planning.
  4. Freelance Switch included a very useful post about saving for taxes in their series on The Business of Freelancing.
  5. Writing.org’s guide to freelance taxes is simple to understand.
  6. The Writers Technology Companion discusses using Outright, a free online service that simplifies the quarterly tax process.
  7. Freelance Sprout helps you to prepare for freelance taxes all year long.
  8. How Should a Freelancer Prepare for the Tax Season? Timely advice from About.com Freelance Writing.
  9. If your client doesn’t pay you for a job, can you write it off? At About.com Freelance Writing.
  10. Small Business Taxes for Freelance Writers at Artic Llama
  11. Tax Issues for Freelance Writers at About.com Business Finance
  12. Making Sense of Freelance Blogging Taxes at About.com Weblogs
  13. Tax Tips for Freelance Bloggers at About.com Weblogs
  14. Freelance Writers and Estimated Taxes at LoveToKnow
  15. How to Pay Estimated Taxes at About.com Tax Planning

Do you have any questions or tips about freelance taxes that haven’t been addressed here? Let us know!


  1. says

    Thanks for the reminder to pay my taxes next Friday.

    Is anyone buying Turbotax this year? Has anybody found a good price? The cheapest I’ve found so far was on Amazon yesterday for $71 – and the price promptly shot up to $80-something this morning. Last year I got Turbotax 2008 for $65, which makes me wonder if the price will drop again.


  1. […] I’m noticing an interesting trend with each new crop of freelance writers.  They’re earning money but they have no clue if they’re pulling a profit. They’re making ends meet, but they don’t necessarily have money to put away. Many don’t even factor in taxes or overhead which can be a rude awakening during tax time. […]

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