32 Blog Posts About Setting Rates, Finding Clients and Going for Freelance Writing Gold

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Common questions asked by the Freelance Writing Jobs community are those having to do with rates and finding clients and opportunities. As I write another post about finding higher paying opportunities, I realize that I, as well as other bloggers, have discussed these issues on many occasions. Why not, gather the highlights together for you here?

What follows is advice from the best in the business. Some of these posts are from the Freelance Writing Jobs network, and many others are from a variety of the writing and freelancing blogs around the blogosphere. I hope you them useful. Please add your thoughts in the comments and tell us about some of the other topics and issues you’re interested in seeing discussed here.

Don’t forget to visit these other bloggers and participate in their discussions.

32 Blog Posts About Setting Rates and Going for the Freelance Writing Gold

How Much Should I Charge as a Freelance Writer?

Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Finding the Right Types of Freelance Writing Clients

Raising Your Freelance Writing Rates

Networking to Find Potenial Freelance Writing Clients

What are some of the things you’d like to learn more about?


  1. says

    Thank you SO much for compiling these, Deb. I have a similar list of discussion boards, email lists, etc. that I give out to folks looking to break into medical writing, but it doesn’t include the basic topics covered by yours. This will save so much time!

    • says

      Thank you , Pat. I’m so pleased you find it helpful. Every now and then I like to throw out sort of a one stop shopping deal.

      Enjoy, and please don’t be a stranger.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the list. The topic of rates has been so mysterious with only vagues references with no specific dollar amounts – until now. My husband and I both work as freelancers and sometimes disagree about how much (or how little) to charge. Your information will make for some stimulating discussions. :-)


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