3 Things Freelance Writing Jobs and Home Improvements Have in Common

1092495_construction_toolsDIY is big business these days. If you go into your local home improvement big box warehouse store on a weekend, it will be jam packed with people who are interested in repairing or updating their homes. I like to go to Home Depot to get ideas for projects and in a past life I worked for a paint and wallpaper retailer for a number of years.

I’ve been doing some thinking about the kinds of things that home improvements and freelance writing jobs have in common. Here’s what I was able to come up with:

1. There many different types of projects you can take on.

When you are looking for freelance writing jobs, do you limit yourself to only looking at content work? There are many, many other types of writing that you could consider taking on. You could decide to do copy writing, white papers, or technical writing. Editing, translation work or news writing are other possibilities. You may even choose to develop your own information products for sale. All of these fall into the broad category of writing.

2. Some jobs are best handled by a professional.

It’s one thing to take on something relatively minor on your own, but for major projects it’s better to turn the work over to a professional. We probably know or have seen someone on television who started doing a renovation on their own and became overwhelmed by the time and effort involved in trying to manage the project. They realized that they would have been better off handing the work over to a professional from the start.

Clients who hire freelance writers may start off thinking that they can look after this part of their business on their own, too. They may have started off doing everything themselves and over time realized that their time is better spent working on the business, rather than in it. Enter the professional freelance writer to provide his or her expertise.

3. The key to a successful project lies in good prep work.

Whether it’s painting, replacing flooring or another DIY project, most of your time may be spent on cleaning, making minor repairs and generally getting the area ready. Freelance writing jobs work the same way. As freelance writers, we need to listen to what our clients want and make sure we are both on the same page before we go to work. We may need to interview subjects or conduct some research before we can type a single word. By taking the time to do the appropriate amount of prep work, we are much more likely to give our clients what they want and have that person get in touch when they need more freelance writing work done.


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