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When I first began freelancing, I found clients by searching for “Write for Us” pages of different websites.  In fact, I found a couple of cushy gigs writing for websites that weren’t very well known.  I’ve been wanting to compile a list of many of these types pages for some time, and since we’re talking about markets this week, it seemed to be as good a time as any. You’d be surprised at how many unadvertised opportunities are out there. Today’s offering is only part one.

Keep in mind that I did my best to find paying markets. If the “Write for Us” page clearly states it’s a non-payer, I didn’t include it. I also didn’t include those markets only paying a rev share. Some pages here didn’t indicate one way or another whether they pay. If I thought there was a chance, I dropped it on the list. If payment is indicated, it’s noted next to the link. In many cases, it’s noted there is pay, but the amount isn’t specified. Also, some of these are book publishers. Since many members of the Freelance Writing Jobs community are aspiring book authors, I felt it appropriate to add them here.

I hope you find something here that interests you!

75 Write for Us Pages

  1. About.com – Pays $675/month plus bonuses
  2. Adobe Press – Accepting book proposal.
  3. American Ceramics Society – $35/blog post – $350 – $900/article
  4. American School Board Journal – Payment varies
  5. American Speech – Language Hearing Association – Unspecified pay
  6. Archaeology Magazine – Payment varies.
  7. AskDeb.com – Unspecified pay. (no relation)
  8. AuctionBytes – $20/article
  9. Bilblio Buffet – Pays $10 – $30
  10. Brady Books – Textbook publisher accepts proposals
  11. BrothersFit – $20+/post
  12. The Business Edition – Unspecified pay
  13. Business Today – Unspecified pay
  14. Campus Nut – Unspecified pay
  15. The Change Agent – Pays $50
  16. Cisco Press – Looking for Book Proposals
  17. Code Gravity – Send rate quote with query.
  18. Complinet – Unspecified pay.
  19. Consumerist – Not sure about the pay.
  20. CraftBits – Unspecified pay.
  21. CrazyLeaf Design – Payment starts at $20/post
  22. DatabaseDev. – $30 – $50/article
  23. Developer Tutorials – $30 – $100
  24. Dollar Stretcher – Pays .10.word
  25. Dropzone.com – $100
  26. EclipseZone – Unspecified pay.
  27. Expat Daily News – Unspecified pay.
  28. Freelance Switch – Pays $60/guest post
  29. GoMediaZine – Pays up to $300/article
  30. Graphic Mania – Payment varies
  31. Green Options – Payment varies
  32. Green Prophet – Unspecified pay.
  33. HackNMod – $10 – $40/post
  34. Hand Cell Phone – Pays $8 – $15/cell phone review.
  35. Head First Book s– Accepting proposals
  36. Home School today – Payment varies. Averages .10/word
  37. The Humanist – Unspecified pay.
  38. IBM Press – Accepting book proposals.
  39. International Living – Pays $50
  40. ISHN – Contact for guidelines
  41. Jewish Daily Forward – Payment varies
  42. Killer Directory – $15/post
  43. LabMice – Pays $60 – $100
  44. Los Angeles Restaurants – Pays up to $40/article
  45. LoveToKnow– Pays $20 – $25 for a 650 word article.
  46. Lutheran Digest – $35/article
  47. MakeMeHeal – Pays $10 – $20
  48. Messaging Talk – Pays up to $100/article
  49. Michigan Metro Parents – Pays $30 – $250.
  50. Microsoft TechNet -Unspecified pay. Writers who are employed by Microsoft aren’t eligible for paying opportunities.
  51. Miller-McCune – Unspecified pay.
  52. MobiForge – Paying market but unspecified pay.
  53. MyInkBlog.com
  54. Neutral Existence – $20 – $30
  55. PeachPit Press – Accepting book proposals.
  56. Pervasive Computing – Unspecified pay
  57. Philadelphia Restaurants – $5 – $40
  58. Port Iris – $10 per short story.
  59. ProBlogDesign – Pays $125/post
  60. PS Deluxe – $50/tutorial
  61. Qatar Vistor – $75/article
  62. Rough Guides – Accepting proposals.
  63. SAPCookbook – Unspecified pay.
  64. Seattle Dining – Pays $50 – $60
  65. Sex, etc. – $75/article
  66. Simple Talk – Unspecified pay.
  67. SitePoint – Pays $100 + bonuses
  68. SmallBizLink – Makes no mention of pay, but owned by Monster.com.
  69. SQL Server Performance – Pays $25 – $200
  70. Strategy Page – Pays $20/article
  71. Trazzler – Pays $1000/month
  72. Tutorial Reports – Unspecified pay – only pays contributors in India and U.S.
  73. Web Services Architect – Unspecified pay.
  74. The Woman’s Media Center – Unspecified pay.
  75. Youth Specialties – $40+

…To be continued. There are plenty more where these come from and I’ll be posting them here!

Please let us know if you successfully pitched one of these markets and how you did it! Also, don’t miss our lists of greeting card markets, poetry markets and our regular Monday writing markets….plus be sure to check out this list of writing markets paying over $100.

Good luck!

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    • says

      We’ve had that problem in the past, Carson. We’re very respectful of people’s wishes and if they ask for removal, we’ll replace them with another market.

        • says

          Well the way I see it is if they didn’t want writers to send a pitch, they wouldn’t have a “write for us” page, still it would be fun to be a fly on the wall as they wonder why the sudden burst in traffic.

  1. says

    I would be really careful about Trazzler. Though they do offer contracts to write, I’ve never known anyone to get one. Rather, you have to write content for their site, and then if they like it, they’ll get in touch with you for a written contract. You could give away a lot of free content in the meantime.

    • Anne G. says

      I second that caution. I submitted something to them a year or so ago when they were looking for writers and was told they loved what I’d written, so I should create an account and submit more. I did so and never heard another word. I’ve spoken to dozens of others who had similar experiences.

    • says

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  2. says

    Great list. Much appreciated. I spend so much time on promotion, designing, writing, SEO that every bit that someone does for me is a great help. Been meaning to build a list of these for some time and this will be a good start.. Nice work.

  3. says

    You know what I’d like to see is a mention of how these sites pay, via Western Union, Moneygram and or paypal, USD checks and or cash? It would really help some of us to know all of that if at all possible. thanks a lot. bye for now.

  4. says

    Thank you, Deb. This is very valuable and we really don’t appreciate you enough for your efforts. To come up with this idea, spend time and effort looking and to share it all with the community – wow, you’re doing a wonderful service and thank you for that!

    I just tried applying to one – the SmallBizLink( the one owned by Monster)and the email address is not valid. I’m trying to find a link from monster…I’ll let you know if I succeed in finding the right one.
    .-= babylovesbooks´s last blog ..Nurturing Compassion by Reading to Kids =-.

    • k_ra06 says

      The smallBizLink site contact email id is not working. I submitted a query to submit an article but didnt got any reply from them.

  5. k_ra06 says


    Well a huge list of sites. But i am really eager to know from others who have applied for this oppurtunities.I am not able to know which one is geniune and which one is fraud. After doing work i didnt get a single pay from last couple of months.Lot of fraud offers now-a-daya.Hope this community helps me in getting a contract.

  6. says

    To be honest, some of the sights I have had problems with. Like sex, etc. Are you allowed to write for them if you are not a teenager?

    And socialsparks. Real bad and more confusing, not worth the time or problems you will encounter.

    Then just know there was something else, oh yes I know now oDesk. Had problems with that site because I couldn’t remember my password. Upon trying to set up a new password and a reply it didn’t seem at all to even take my username of which I had already set up a little while ago.

    And then there is the title? What? Missnaomi, etc.

    Now you all know why our parents and teachers told us to never think about being writers and artsits!

    It still doesn’t make it right!

  7. says

    Simply a great article. I was looking for websites that accepts guest bloggers. I found this article. I did not know that a person can even earn through guest blogging. Just keep writing this type of great articles.


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