Brainstorming Technique #2 Freewriting

Picture 1Freewriting. It sounds like a cool, pill induced experience, but it is actually a perfectly normal way to get all your ideas on paper without stopping to edit or organize. Freewriting is simply writing without stopping.

This technique is actually a great way to start the writing process before you move on to outlines. It allows you to see everything all at once and this often leads to stand-out elements and angles for the article like ledes, quotes and important facts. Another great outcome of freewriting is it is actually freeing!

Often writers get bogged down in the process of writing, with rules and form stiffling creativity and freewriting can open the mind back up to the article’s potential. It helps clear the roadblocks and breathes life into the process.

Here are some great sites on freewriting you may want to bookmark:

Brainstorming – UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center

Pre-Writing – Empire State College

Do you use freewriting or have you used it since this article? Tell us about it!

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