Day 3, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Picture 2Day three’s tip is easy – have fun. Even when writers are actively living their dream, they can get bogged down in the everyday activities of being a writer. It is important to remember that while you’re billing clients, scheduling meetings, researching, organizing and working to improve your writing skills you can still have fun and you should, this is a fun job!

Too often when writers really start working as writers – getting paid on a regular basis, they have multiple clients, etc., they lose sight of the awesome-ness of being a freelance writer and only focus on the business of being a writer. Don’t get me wrong, a successful writer never turns away from business matters for long, but all work and no play makes a writer duller than bargain basement knives. This lack of sharp passion will show up in your work, heck it could already be a factor.

Having fun with your work could be as simple as trying new brainstorming techniques or reaching out to a new publication. It’s still work related, but you will benefit from a change in pace. It’s also important to be of the right mood and attitude for your assignments.

I had to write an article on breast cancer survivors and how the diagnosis and overall experience affected families. There was nothing fun about the assignment at first. I was nervous approaching my sources and less than eager to have them relive some of the hardest moments in their life. The article, aptly titled “Surviving Breast Cancer,” became on of my favs. I allowed myself to have fun with both the interview and the format of the article. I simply had a conversation with several wonderful women and wrote about our conversations, Q & A style.

When you have fun with your work and delight in what you do, you work harder to produce better work. The breast cancer article wasn’t a bunch of facts with a person and anecdote thrown in to validate the information, it was people talking and revealing information during the course of conversation and, it was fun.

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  1. Carole Bradbury says

    I am trying to write “fact” and make it interesting.I also have an uncle named “Ray-Bradbury” born in “Canada”/”Alberta”! My dads brother would be 100 yrs. young if alive.Just “you” tell me how can I make people listen to all the people-relatives of mine that;I never even met and,are dead and gone now!? 3 Grandparents “I” never met.”I” was 10 yrs. old when the only Grandmother “I” knew;passed away.My dad -“Mr.H.C. Bradbury”-fought in WW2;Normandy France and suffered memory loss;actually didn’t want to tell “me”-his only daughter- the horrific truth. I did understand him but could not really get to know him.Also “I” am a “Dancer”/”injured one too many times and,have been required to take up writing instead.Writing is the exact opposite of “dance”! I need help! and “I” need it “Now”


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