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So, I have this fairly strict rule of not allowing clients to follow me on Facebook.  I say it’s fairly strict because there are technically three who do follow me:  Deb Ng, who I think of more as a friend than a “client;” a local marketer, for the same reason; and a client I’ve had for years who friended me before I had thought of the rule.  I thought it would be pretty rude to “unfriend” him after I came up with my hard-nosed approach, so I’ve just let that sleeping dog lie.

It was actually this third guy who made me realize I should probably institute some sort of policy regarding clients, as well as the people who work for me.  He messaged me via Facebook regarding a project one time, and it occurred to me that I didn’t really need my clients to see when I was stressing over deadlines, worrying about money, or simply goofing off on Facebook when I should be working on their stuff.  Generally speaking, I use that particular social media platform as a place to catch up with college friends and post pictures of the baby so her grandparents can watch her grow.

After last night, though, I’m starting to rethink that approach.  You see, money is a little tight right now.  I’m moving into a new office and will have rent to pay, and my work schedule was looking little bare for next week.  What to do?  Oh, I know, I’ll complain about it on Facebook!  So, last night, I posted the following status update, thinking it wasn’t all that self-serving, since I knew that my clients wouldn’t be privy to it.

“Dear Clients, I love the way you all have work for me to do at the same time, but it’s so sad and lonely in the in-between times when you’re all quiet.  I’ve got mouths to feed, people.  😉  Love, Lorna Doone”

Within 45 minutes, I had garnered between $700 and $1,100 worth of work!  I went from that “Oh, god, I have nothing to do” feeling to that “Oh, god, I have too much to do” feeling (which I definitely prefer) in less than an hour.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson to be learned here, although I’m too stuck in my ways to change my approach now.  Hmm, maybe it was The Secret…I put my desire out into the Universe, and it responded.  Except, I don’t really believe in The Secret, so that’s probably not it.


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    Sounds like a potential benefit of being Facebook friends with someone who needs things written frequently – getting an early jump on any free time you have available could be a cool thing to offer them in exchange for being your friend there.

    You could also set up a dedicated Facebook page for your business side and accomplish the same effect.

    Additionally, some people in local businesses might not know where to go to get those kinds of things done. You could be providing them a service. You won’t know for sure until you try.


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