Freelance Writing Jobs for January 13, 2010

Ugh. I keep typing 2009 instead of 2010.

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Freelance writing jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Gifted Web Writers – I don’t know much about this organization or how they work. They promise different payment levels. If anyone has experience with Gifted Web Writers, please let us know how they roll. Thanks – Deb
  2. Freelance Automotive Writer – Cars Direct – $10/article
  3. Content Writer at Applicure
  4. Freelance Writers Wanted for WiseGeek – $10 – $14/article
  5. Copywriter for Website Content
  6. Content Writers for Gaming Site
  7. Writer/Promotions for Cancer Site – $50/article
  8. Copywriters/Brand Monitors
  9. College Content for Website
  10. Copywriter for Website – Oakland – $10
  11. Writers for Activist Nation – $25 – $75
  12. Celebrity Entertainment Writers

Blogger Jobs

  1. Credit/Personal Finance Blogger
  2. Financial Blogger Wanted – $20 – $30/post

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Copyeditor Wanted
  2. Proofreader – Costa Mesa
  3. Copy Editor with Healthcare Experience
  4. Book Editor Needed

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Financial Investment Copywriter – Seattle
  2. Children’s Copywriter
  3. Senior Interactive Copywriter – On site – NYC
  4. Interactive Copywriter – NYC
  5. Freelance Interactive Copywriter – NYC
  6. Freelance Copywriter – NYC
  7. NY Creative Writer Wanted

Journalism Jobs

  1. Internet News Producer – Salt Lake City – Telecommute OK
  2. Real Estate Reporter for Crains NY

Ghost Writing Jobs

  1. Ghost Writer Needed – $10
  2. Looking for a Ghost Writer

Food Writing Jobs

  1. Restaurant Reviewers -Oklahoma City
  2. Food Critic – Flagstaff/Sedona

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Science Writers for Quizzes and Questions – Salem
  2. Freelance Home Improvement Writers – $50/article
  3. Newsletter Writer and Editor
  4. Writer for Business Letters
  5. Can You Write Copy for Young Girls? – Seattle
  6. Press Release Writer
  7. Freelance Business Writer – NYC
  8. Writer/Editor – Chicago
  9. Experienced Writers Wanted $15/article
  10. Contract Writers for Various Tasks – $20 – $25/hour
  11. PR/Business Writer

International Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Part Time Copywriter -London

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  1. says

    A question for cross-border workers –
    I find myself shying away from applying for a work-from-home gig listed on Toronto Craigslist even though I have the journalism writing and editing background they seem to be looking for. My rate sheet specifies $US – but I envision hassles with PayPal and anticipate low rates for the gig. Am I being silly?
    (And BTW, thanks for the list, Deb – and for providing a forum for me to ask this question.)

    • says

      I do a lot of international business (another company I run) and I can tell you that there’s no hassle with PayPal. There are slightly higher fees for international transactions, but no other worries. I don’t write for anyone in Canada, but my equine art company gets a lot of sales from Europe, Australia and Canada, and I’ve never had a problem accepting payments. So I wouldn’t shy away from the gig – just be clear when discussing payments with the client to make sure that when you say “Dollars” he or she knows you mean “US Dollars” since the exchange rate may not be in your favor, and you may need to do a quick exchange rate calculation. There are free calculators online, by the way, so google the term, then put in the US dollar amount you need to charge and the new country. The online calculators figure out today’s equivalent, and that can help you translate your US dollar rate sheet into another currency. Good lucik.

    • Anne G. says

      Two weeks ago, I landed a job with a company from Toronto. They exceeded my rate quote by about double. They’ve been outstanding to work with. They asked me to invoice them weekly in USD and they pay within hours of me sending them the invoice.

      Paypal doesn’t charge any additional fee because they pay in USD. I highly recommend applying and see what becomes of it.

  2. Christine says

    I was wondering if anyone in the FWJ community has any experience with or knowledge of They’re hiring writers to rewrite existing content for clients. I was thinking of applying but would like to know more about them first.

    Thanks to all! And Deb, keep up the great work!

    • Kathryn says

      I have no experience with that company, but they seem largely focused on the business of creating the illusion of original content for search engine rankings, and for gaming the plagiarism detection programs. So my take is that the rewrites wouldn’t be for the purpose of improving a piece, just making it different. And not for an audience of readers, but an audience of computer programs.

      • Christine says

        Thanks, Kathryn. I think I’ll stick with employers I’m more confidant about. That’s one of the problems with the Web, isn’t it? You never know where your work will show up or how it will be used.

  3. Brigitte says

    Every time I go to the website now, it pulls up a page with the leads listed as days ago, then I have to click on different links to get to the most current leads. I anyone else having this problem?

    The last time I asked a question, no one responded. Is there a way for a writer to get into the “in group” of having questions answered?

    Happy writing everyone!


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