Freelance Writing Jobs for January 22, 2010

I had a cable outage for much of yesterday. I don’t think I need to tell you how much that puts a damper on things. When you rely on your web connection for your livelihood you’re only as good as your WiFi. Fortunately for me I only had one deadline, for the Demand Studios blog, everything else can wait. It reminds me of how important it is to have a backup plan. That can mean tapping a trusted collaborator, or it can mean working at a remote location. I was able to contact my editor, thanks to my Droid, and let her know I would be a little late. What would you do if your cable went out.

I smell a blog post coming on…

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Lots of terrific stuff happening today. Hope you enjoy. As always, tell us what you like, what you don’t like or what you had for breakfast, that’s what we’re here for.

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  1. says

    My internet often goes out, so I try not to have deadlines on any given day. If an article is due on Tuesday, I try to get it in on Monday. That way I have a buffer of time should it happen. I also have three different internet connections though on occasion all three go out and if they do, that means even a remote place won’t work because they use the same companies!

    • says

      That’s so frustrating, Genesis. Freelancers are only as good as their Internet connections. I guess there’s something to be said about making hay while the sun shines.

  2. nz says

    Re: Freelance Online Writer @ Ode Magazine

    – $25 per post (300-600 words)
    – 15 posts per month max
    – $20 bonus for articles that get 1,000 or more pageviews within the first 7 days

  3. nz says

    Re: New eZine/Writers Needed @ Sloane Magazine

    Another work for free . . .

    “As the project is in it’s infancy, we are asking that work on our inaugural issue be PRO BONO”

    • says

      I did a pro bono for a new magazine coming out next month in Baltimore. I suppose I could do another, but what is the pay after that? And what subjects do you want articles on?

  4. says

    Wow…would you believe my Wifi is down today? In fact I am still without it. My backup plan is a USB stick from my Internet provider. It costs per day but in cases like this, it will be credited back. If all else fails, I would head to my local internet cafe.

  5. Susan says

    Re: cable outage
    One word, “Panera”. I resorted to hanging out at their cafe recently when my power went out for 20 hours – free WiFi, heat, food and drink, what more can you ask?! Of course, I’ve had my fill of carbs for awhile…

    • says

      Hi Susan, I go to Starbucks or the library because Panera isn’t so convenient.Plus, I’m trying to watch my weight and Panera would be the worst thing for my diet.

  6. justine says

    my backup is a pay-as-you-go usb stick, and if that fails, my iphone (thanks to a hack) is capable of tethering to my laptop – you’d think that’d have me covered, but there was one deadline day not too long ago when all of them went down at once… in which case, my very last resort = a friend’s house…


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