Freelance Writing Jobs for January 6, 2010

I heard on the news today New Jersey is experiecing our coldest snap since 1985. Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can tell you it’s very cold. It had me thinking of when I used to have to walk five block to the subway and commute into Manhattan from Queens. It was no fun going to work on those cold days, let me tell you. I’m happy to be home and working where it’s warm and dry. There are aspects I miss from my cube dwelling days, the commute isn’t one of them. I will say though, the hour train ride in each direction allowed me some good reading time. Is there anything you miss about working outside of the home? What don’t you miss?

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Please note: Just because an ad on Craigslist says “no” under compensation, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case. The “No” is a default. Many times paying jobs are listed as non-paying in error. Many times, it’s worth the effort to give the potential client the benefit of the doubt. However, if it’s an obvious no payer, we certainly won’t post it here.

Web and Content Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Writers for Bright Hub
  2. Freelance Writers for Tonic
  3. SEO Writers Needed
  4. Freelance Web and Marketing Writer – Palo Alto
  5. Writers and Editors Needed –
  6. Writer Needed for WikiPedia Entry
  7. Article Writer Needed
  8. Website Copy Writer – San Francisco

Blogger Jobs

  1. Movie Bloggers for Filmonic
  2. Fashion Blogger Needed
  3. Fashion Blogger Needed – Boston
  4. Bloggers for New Men’s Magazines

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Blog Managing Editor for Psych Central
  2. Assistant Editor for City Insight Magazine – Triangle NC
  3. Temporary Proofreaders – Dover NH
  4. Editor – Wellesley

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Freelance Copy Writer/On Air Promo Writer – Culver City
  2. Interactive Copywriter – Renton
  3. Mid Level Copywriter – NYC

Journalism Jobs

  1. Education Reporters – Pittsburgh PA
  2. Writer/Journalist – Kearny/Mesa
  3. Reporter – San Rafael
  4. Freelance Sports Reporters – Wycoff NJ
  5. Freelance Journalist – $100/article

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Technical Editorial Writer – Online Editorials and Blogs
  2. Contract Technical Writer – Redmond

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Proposal/Dissertation Writer – Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
  2. Book Proposal Writer – NYC
  3. Grant Writer – Albuquerque
  4. Business Plan Writer – Chicago
  5. Business Plan Writer
  6. Grant Writer Wanted
  7. Business Plan Writer – Las Vegas
  8. Business Plan Writer – NYC
  9. Experienced Proposal Writer – Philadelphia
  10. Business Plan Writer/Consultant – NYC

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Sports Writer – Raleigh  – $30/article

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer Wanted – Lawrence KS
  2. Resume Writer Wanted – Chicago

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Interactive Writer/Editor
  2. Science Assessment Writers and Editors
  3. Freelance Writer Needed – Austin TX
  4. Freelance Accounting Writer
  5. Writer Researcher – SF Bay
  6. Author/Writer – Denver
  7. Children’s History Writer
  8. Freelance Writers Needed – Atlanta
  9. Freelance Writer – Boston – $300/project

International Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Part Time Copywriter Position Available – London

Magazine Submissions, Guidelines and Markets

  1. Freelance Magazine Writers Wanted – Cabarrus
  2. Retail Magazine Writer/Editor – Miami

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  1. says


    Thanks again for the leads.

    In regards to prior employment, I think the greatest thing I miss is the gauranteed salary. It is pleasant to be financially independent but it does occasionally come at a price. However you all know that without any risk, there is no reward.

    How cold is it where you are? I have moved over to Norway and today it was -22c. A little further up north it was -40c last night, now that´s cold!


  2. Phil says


    These two ads are worded the same way (once you click on the link):

    8.Freelance Writers Needed – Atlanta
    9.Freelance Writer – Boston – $300/project

    May still be legit, but identical wording is often a warning sign of a scam.

  3. Kim says

    As a Canadian, I agree that the morning commute in the winter is one aspect that I definitely do not miss. I hated having to clean the snow off the car and scape the windows, especially when I was running behind. As Antony mentioned, the guaranteed pay is another aspect that I often wish I still had. The other is the casual interaction with co-workers; I don’t miss the business dealings, but more the stuff in between. I worked at my last job for 10 years, so the sense of ‘family’ was quite strong.

  4. NZ says

    Phil is correct about the Atlanta and Boston ads being scams . . . same ad showed up in LA (and I’m sure elsewhere).

  5. MB says

    Has anyone written for Bright Hub? Also, do any of you have an employee identification number that you use in place of your social security number when asked by employers for freelancing jobs? Thanks!

    • Anne Marie says

      I was wondering about Bright Hub too. It does not look like they want writing on what I’d be interested in writing about most of the time at the moment, but it seems a place to watch for a job opening… if it is reliable.

  6. says

    The only thing I miss working outside of the home is the steady paycheck. Other than that not much else! It was nice to have outside communication with co-workers but I can “talk” to everyone on Twitter. That is my venting tool now. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to work from home. You never know when that will change unless you are financially stable to never have to work outside the home again.

  7. Antoinette says

    Just an FYI- there’s an ad circulationg on craigslist that says they are looking for review writers. The ad says they pay $300 for the assignment. Once you apply, they send you a detailed description of the review they need written for their client (they never say exactly who it is- only that it’s a national health and beauty magazine publisher). The job is to reveiw acai berry weight loss products. The catch: you have to go to a website and purchase the product so that you can review it. Then, you have to do the review and send it in. Of course, they reserve the right to reject and not compensate writers who send in work they don’t like. I’m really sick of people scamming and trying to take advantage of writers…it’s terrible.

  8. says

    Deb, I’m with you on the reading time during the commute! Sitting on a bus for 45 minutes twice a day was also perfect for catching up on my podcasts. All the podcasts I have to listen to now – ugh. It’s almost stressful to think about!

  9. says

    Has anyone applied for Internet Brands? I did and sent in my paperwork but havent heard anything back. Getting nervous because they have all my personal info (SSN, Bank Info). I was told I would start after that was sent in but still waiting.

    • Karl says

      I’ve been writing for Internet Brands for the past 3 months, they are ok. The editors take quite some time to check and approve the articles, sometimes they editors go off board. Pay is once a month around the 14th for work done the previous month.

  10. says

    I don’t miss not driving in a freezing car on treacherous, icy roads, sometimes in gale force winds. The warm glow of my computer screen, the sound of rushing water from my CD player, and the happy click click click of my fingers making money is my vision of a happy, working life. Now if only I could figure out how to get away from shoveling the driveway in the morning!

  11. Anne G. says

    @Auri – I write for Internet Brands. At the moment, I find they’re a little slow in getting things done. Writers all have five day deadlines to turn in articles, but editors don’t seem to be living by that same guideline. I took more than a month for some of mine to to through editing. They pay monthly but only if the articles are approved, so what I thought I’d earned for the month turned out to be half that in the end.

    Given the delay in the editing department, it might just be that accounting is also short staffed.

    • says

      @Anne G. Thank you soo much for taking the time to reply. I have been really freaking out about it. My husband said that they might just be busy. But I was thinking the worse lol. I can breathe a little easier now.

      How do you like writing for them? Is it worth it? Right now Im just doing Examiner,and I love it. Just wanted to branch out and do a little more.

  12. Anne G. says

    Re: Winter Driving

    Because they dropped high school bus service here two years ago and then changed the school start times last year, despite working from home, I still have to get a few students to the high school for 7:30am. Since New Year’s weekend, all we’ve had here is snow, followed by more snow and then a bit of freezing rain thrown in to boot. All week long it’s been driving on snowy/icy roads and I’m really ready for the weekend at this point! Had my fill of creeping by accidents and trying to stay on the road when there are crazy drivers out there who take incredible risks in bad weather.

  13. April P says

    The $300 article jobs are definitely a scam. There are two in Austin, and outside of the initial email “offer”, they will not respond to questions.

  14. Anne G. says

    @Auri. I started with a great editor who was always on top of editing getting articles approved within two days of turning them in. Not 100 percent on the replacement at this point just because there are such delays with getting articles edited. Having it take a month when writers have five days doesn’t seem fair to me, but I don’t know what they are dealing with on their end either. But now that the holidays are over, I’ll see if things improve.

    Internet Brands does pay on time monthly via direct deposit which works out incredibly well and they’ve never paid late. You get to pick what you write about which is always nice. I’ve since landed much higher paying writing jobs, but I still fill in gaps with IB.

    The one thing I’d say is to watch formatting carefully. You’ll get a style guide to read over (online PDF) and they do go in and change things from time to time. I’ve had articles returned to me for rewrites and it’s usually because I put a “personal” tone in the article. Everything you write has to be unbiased without any judgments at all. Some topics make that hard. Such as an article on the Best Dog Food or Best Flea Protection, it’s hard not to be personal.


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