How Freelance Writing is Like…

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Over the past few years we’ve compared freelance writing to many different entities. For me it’s kind of a challenge to find off the wall comparisons. I’m going to issue that challenge to you today as well. What are some of the comparisons you can make to freelance writing? Tell us here in the comments, on Twitter or your own blogs. Let’s see what you can come up with.

Since I’m busy compiling markets this week, I haven’t had a chance yet to do much real blogging. So we’re going with a greatest hits post this afternoon.

How freelance writing is like…

Now let’s have your analogy. What is freelance writing like….and why?


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    freelance writing is like sculpture. every day, you’re presented with a new lump of wet clay – and it’s up to you to shape the clay into a work of art.

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      Lisa, thats a great one. I like the art reference and the creativity that it creates in my mind. It really resonated with me because I find it so true, having smooth out the rough patches and shape the idea. Thanks.

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    Freelance writing is like…
    jump starting your car, it might take a few tries, but eventually, the sparks start coming and voila! Creativity!

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