Monday Markets for January 11, 2010

This week’s edition of Monday Markets has a magazine for people who are interested in genealogy, as well as one that publishes fiction only.

Family Tree Magazine

From the Web Site:

  • Our style is bright, breezy, helpful and encouraging. We’re NOT an academic journal or a genealogy-research journal.
  • Please read a copy of the magazine before querying.
  • For writers new to Family Tree Magazine, we are most open to short submissions for Branching Out (lively, newsy upfront section) and brief writeups of new resources for family history buffs for our Toolkit section. We also invite short, amusing stories of “the lighter side of family history” for our Everything’s Relative page.
  • Query with specific suggestions on accompanying sidebars, tip boxes, resource lists and other elements, as well as ideas for content that might be appropriate for posting on our Web site.
  • Articles need to be broad in scope to appeal to a general audience, yet narrow enough to support specific, useful information. “Getting Started with the National Archives” might be a good article for us; “1840 North Carolina Census Records” is not.
  • We do NOT publish personal experience stories (except in Everything’s Relative) or the histories of specific families. Nor do we publish generic family or parenting articles—keep in mind that our focus is family history.
  • Glimmer Train

From the Web Site:

Glimmer Train welcomes the work of established and upcoming writers.

We especially appreciate stories that are both well written and emotionally engaging. Please let us read yours! If it is chosen for publication in Glimmer Train Stories, you will be paid upon acceptance. Your story will be prepared with care, and presented in a handsome, highly regarded literary journal to readers all over the world. If you’ve seen Glimmer Train Stories, you know that we go to some lengths to honor our contributors and their writing.

Every category will be open for one full calendar month, from the first day through midnight of the last day. (Exception: The December Fiction Open closes on January 2nd each year.)
Click on category link for complete guidelines:

  • January: Very Short Fiction Award (Up to 3,000 words) and Standard
  • February: Short Story Award for New Writers
  • March: Fiction Open (2,000 to 20,000 wds)
  • April: Family Matters and Standard
  • May: Short Story Award for New Writers
  • June: Fiction Open (2,000 to 20,000 wds)
  • July: Very Short Fiction Award (Up to 3,000 words) and Standard
  • August: Short Story Award for New Writers
  • September: Fiction Open (2,000 to 20,000 wds)
  • October: Family Matters and Standard
  • November: Short Story Award for New Writers
  • December: Fiction Open (2,000 to 20,000 wds)
  • Please note: There are no minimum word counts for any category besides the Fiction Open.

    As always:
    Submissions must be original, unpublished fiction. (Online publication does not disqualify a piece.)  •  Please, no novels, poetry, or stories written for children.  •  Submissions should be made via our site, but in a pinch you can make paper submissions.  •  Please doublespace, use 12 point font, to save our eyes. Name, contact info, and page count are all optional. •  When we accept a story for publication, we are purchasing first-publication rights. (Once we’ve published your story, you are free to, for instance, include it in your own collection.)  •  Competition submissions are also automatically considered for standard publication. •  It’s fine to submit a previously submitted story (revised or not) to any category for which it qualifies. •  We’re happy to consider stories whether they’re submitted as competition entries or standard submissions, for which there are no reading fees. Standard or competition? How to decide •  Simultaneous submissions are fine; we ask that you email us immediately please should a submitted piece be accepted elsewhere.  •  All response times have been shortened so your stories won’t be tied up for more than two months after the close of any category. Competition winners are posted here and are announced in our monthly bulletins.  •  Please put and on your safe-senders list so we can reach you, and keep us advised of email address changes by clicking on Contact Preferences once you’re logged in at the site. (We never share your contact info.)


    1. Tami says

      Can you tell me what your usual procedure is in posting new writing leads? I used to think it was daily but lately it has been pretty sporadic. Are there certain days you always post, usually post or never post? I want to stop by on days where there are new listings to read but can’t seem to figure out the pattern of it. Thanks so much!

      • Tami says

        Thanks, Deb. When I come to the site, I look under the upper left heading and currently it says, Writing Job Leads for January 6 . . . . After exploring and clicking a bunch, I found the jobs for today, but they used to be right there. I hit refresh just in case. . . I love this site and so if anything doesn’t seem right, I want to help get it fixed ASAP.


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