“My Dog is Chasing My Cat” and Other Unusual Search Terms Leading You Here

I get a kick out of the various search terms folks use to find Freelance Writing Jobs. A few months ago, we served up a sampling of some of the more unusual search terms used to bring readers here and we’re back for a second helping. Enjoy some of the interesting words and phrases used to bring people to the FWJ network.

  • “My dog is chasing my cat” If your cat has claws, he’ll take care of that in a heartbeat.
  • “Bunny slippers”
  • “Map of the Caribbean”
  • “How does Deb Ng pronounce her last name” It sounds like “ing.”
  • I’m retaining water.” I can’t help you with that.
  • “Items”  I need a little more to go on…
  • “Deb Ng is a man.” Ummm…no.
  • “Coffee is hot” Actually I need to stick mine in the microwave…
  • “Excuses to tell my client” That is so getting off on the wrong foot.
  • What do bloggers get paid for sitting on panels?” Sadly, nothing.
  • “Why fridge stinks?” This is just a stab in the dark but I’m thinking maybe you need to clean it out…


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