Not a Best of: The Freelance Writing Jobs Network Highlights of 2009

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We had a good year at the Freelance Writing Jobs network. We made many new friends, kept the conversation going with old friends and received some very honorable mentions.

I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of this year. Mind you, this isn’t a “best of” post as we already did that. These are things that made my year as a freelance writer and professional blogger.

I was walking on air in 2009 because:

FWJ is Mentioned by Mashable for the Second Time: In 2008, we were thrilled when Mashable listed us as one of the top places to find work on the web. We were equally as excited to be listed among their 30+ Websites to Visit When You’re Laid Off. We continue to receive traffic every day thanks to these valuable links.

Guy Kawasaki linked to FWJ and it crashed our server: In the beginning of November 2009, I wrote a very well-received guest post at ProBlogger about treating blogs as a business. A couple of days later, Guy Kawasaki linked to that post and this network and totally crashed our server. We were down for a day to upgrade.

FWJ partnered with Demand Studios: Also known as the shot that was heard round the freelance writing world. I was thrilled with my partnership but not everyone shared my joy. We lost many members of this community and received a lot of flack from the web world. Love it or hate it, partnering with Demand Studios is one of the highlights of the year and we stand firm in our commitment.

A major Media website inquired about acquiring FWJ: We’ve had requests from people who were interested in buying FWJ in the past, but this was a serious website ready to make a serious offer. Though we weren’t selling, their wanting to acquire us was validation that we’re doing a good thing here.

FWJ launched a new blog: FWJ launched the Grammar Guide this year. Now I’m even more paranoid about my writing.

Our procrastination post went viral: Of all the blog posts to go viral, you wouldn’t expect it to be one listing places to procrastinate, but that’s what happened. It didn’t get a lot of retweets or comments but the Stumble and link power keep giving. In fact, we still receive hundreds of visitors daily to  our Procrastination Break post.

FWJ made the Top 10 Blogs for Writers four years in a row: FWJ has placed a top 5 finish in the Top 10 Blogs for Writers every year since its inception. That’s why we’re bowing out gracefully for 2010. Because we want other blogs to get a chance for this prestigious honor, we’re respectfully requesting our community nominiate blogs which wouldn’t ordinarily have a chance for the 2010 offering. It’s time to give someone else a turn.

What were the highlights of your 2009?


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    Hi Deb! Happy New Year!

    This new year I’m trying to implement some novel ways and methods in blogging and freelancing. I know my blogging and freelancing experience and reputation are pretty much nothing, compared to Deb Ng’s, for example, but I’m sure I can be at the point where the current best freelance writers and bloggers are now provided that I keep learning and practicing relentlessly in years to come. Reading the pros’ blogs (like this one I’m now at)and exchanging ideas with other bloggers prove to be useful for my blog’s development.

    As for me, my intensive contact with blogosphere has been almost 5 months this January. I’m an amateur and thus I can’t really provide you some impressive highlights. But 2009 was sort of preface in my blogging journals.

    #1 Launching my own blog in English
    I said ‘in English’ since my first language is Indonesian. I never took myself for a good and versatile writer though I actually have studied a lot about language and literature. I several times wrote short stories but never managed to finish one of them. I put off pouring ideas on written form because I’m not that type of person who can be fully committed to something for a long time. It’s hard to focus on one plot when writing a story. But writing a blog is totally different. What I love about writing on blog is the freedom. I can ramble, I can cut or edit the post whenever or wherever I want to. I gave myself an applause for having succeeded to set aside the fear and the discursive way of writing. I just write without minding what people, editors or literally anyone would think of my ideas written there.

    #2 Purchasing my own domain
    I reached a point where I realized I ought to bring my blog to the next level. Financially speaking, I’m perhaps exactly at the nadir. Thanks to God, I somehow managed to buy my blog a new domain. I did this as it had dawned on me monetizing with a free blog service is scarcely possible.

  2. says

    First let me thank you for the outstanding job you do everyday. I have found a few interesting clients through your careful research and I appreciate that so much. I need to get a polished portfolio out there and would love some tips as well as examples of good ones. Maybe you have already written on this topic and I missed it, but if not, I’d love to see something on this subject.

    Happy New Year to you Deb and thank you for all you do!

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