Not Sure What to Charge? The Freelance Switch Hourly Rate Calculator Gives You a Good Idea Where to Start

Freelance Switch Rate Calculator

So I’m patrolling Twitter today looking for interesting tidbits to read and share, and I came upon something extremely interesting and useful: the Freelance Switch Rate Calculator. It’s a good one, it takes into consideration all your overhead and expenses, considers your profit and calculates your suggested hourly rate.

The funny thing is, I actually spoke with a developer a few months ago about creating a rates calculator to post here at FWJ. I backburnered it to work on other projects and Freelance Switch beat us to the punch. Though I can kick myself, I’m happy to recommend this tool to all freelancer writers in order to ensure you’re receiving the payment you deserve.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

Edited to add: I never noticed the rate calculator on the Freelance Switch site until it was brought to my attention today. Apparantly it’s not new. Even so, it’s a very cool tool and gets my stamp of improvement.


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    Deb, I don’t know how many months you mean by “a few months ago”, but if it makes you feel any better, I know this calculator was around in mid-2009. I used it to determine my rates when I was getting started freelancing full-time and I love it! It made me think about things I didn’t even know I needed to consider. I recommend it too!

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    While I think this is a good thing for determining how much you NEED to make, how does this in any way determine what you “deserve” to make? There is no variable for talent and ability on this form.


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