Freelance Writers: Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

keyboard and screen

Here’s a discussion topic to keep you busy until I list the next round of markets. I just had an interesting Skype chat with a friend of mine who also happens to be a former client. He hires many freelance writers each year, and pays them very well, especially by some of today’s web writing […]

Eight easy tips for writing better blog posts

It’s easy for bloggers to get caught up in community, traffic, word count, social networking, keywords and oh my gosh, the Twitter scene. You may get so caught up in the business of blogging that you might be lacking focus on the actual writing part of blogging. I’m not free and clear either. I don’t […]

Blog Posts vs. Articles: Format

Today we complete the blog versus article comparison. Previous posts covered length and POV,  audience expectation and today we are going to look at formatting differences. Articles have a pretty standard format. There’s the lede (lead) paragraph, some quotes, source citing, each new idea is in a new paragraph and there is a conclusion paragraph […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for January 28, 2010

Hope you’re all well. I’ve been spending my days researching markets to bring here. Have you been looking at the various markets listed lately at the Freelance Writing Jobs homepage and HQ? Let us know if any of them worked out for you. Your Daily Lists Pour a cup of coffee and sit back, lots […]

19 Grants for Writers and Other Creative Types

Many freelance writers are only working for clients to bring in money while they work on books, screenplays and other writing projects. This is all fine and dandy however, it tends to take away from the personal project as we tend to put all our focus on paying the bills and funding our dreams. There […]

Why Routines are Important for Freelance Writers


I was just thinking about my morning routine, I call it my “morning ritual.” I wake 30 to 60 minutes before the rest of my family, make coffee, start water boiling for oatmeal, handle lunches, feed pets and open doors for those animals wishing to use the outside, lay out clothes, and more.When the family […]

Health Care Coverage for Freelancers

Blogging has many perks. Sadly employee provided health care doesn’t happen to be one of them. Most probloggers (and other freelance writers) need to figure out how to get health care on their own. it’s a daunting prospect, especially if in the past, you’ve had a nice tidy health care plan from your employer. When […]

Are You Waiting for Your Dream Job to Come?

On the main blog on the Freelance Writing Jobs Network, Deb asked readers to describe their dream job. It has been really interesting reading the comments to see what other writers consider their ideal freelance writing gig, and it made me think about the next logical (to me anyway) question: Are you waiting for it […]

How Freelance Writing is Like…

Over the past few years we’ve compared freelance writing to many different entities. For me it’s kind of a challenge to find off the wall comparisons. I’m going to issue that challenge to you today as well. What are some of the comparisons you can make to freelance writing? Tell us here in the comments, […]