Freelance Writing Jobs for February 10, 2010

Good morning, Freelance Writing Jobs community. School is canceled for today and possibly tomorrow, thanks to the impending blizzard, so I’m working ahead on Tuesday night. Another reminder of how it’s good to have a backup plan in place for every situation. That isn’t to say I can’t work when my son is at home, just that it’s harder to get as much done. Besides, I may want to go outside and do some sledding or have a snowball fight.

Wherever you are I hope you’re warm and dry. Check in and tell us what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Premium Featured Job: looking for educational writer (financial certifications)
We are looking for a careful writer (i.e., blogger with pro research skills) to add content to our new Career Guide service. Your focus will be researching and blogging helpful information to visitors who are evaluating various certification/designation options (e.g., CFA, FRM, CFP). Interest in professional finance is desirable (deep experience/expertise not necessary, curiosity and diligence is more important).
Please provide compensation requirements and writing sample(s).

Content Writing Jobs

I found a sort of “write for us” page at Content Marketing Pros.  Can anyone give me any details about who they are and how they work? Thanks!

  1. Writers for Service Journalism Wanted
  2. Content Writers for Cars Direct
  3. Freelance Writers and Editors for WordFirm
  4. World History Content Writer
  5. Web Content Writer – King of Prussia PA
  6. Content Writer for
  7. Web Writer Needed – Burbank – Must be able to come in for meetings
  8. Web Writer Needed – NYC

Blogger Jobs

  1. Blogger/Writer – 3 month contract -Eagan MN
  2. Rock/Metal Blogger – Los Angeles
  3. Real Estate Blogger – Chicago

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Online Community Editor for
  2. Marketing Copywriter – Washington DC
  3. Copyeditor/Proofreader – Cleveland
  4. Editors Wanted at Academic English Editing
  5. Freelance Editor for Global Spec
  6. Part Time Editor/Proofreader Needed
  7. Book Editor – Round Rock TX
  8. Freelance German Language Editor
  9. Freelance Proofreader and Editor
  10. Temporary Proofreader – NYC
  11. Freelance Copy and Book Editor – Long Island

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Copywriters Wanted –
  2. Medical Copywriter Needed
  3. Freelance Copywriter – Green Brook NJ
  4. Freelance Copywriter – Los Angeles
  5. Copywriter – Chicago
  6. Freelance Copywriter/Blogger – Aurora
  7. Part Time Legal Copywriter -NYC
  8. Funny Quotes & Phases – NYC
  9. Legal Copywriter – NYC
  10. Copywriter for Technical Projects – Seattle
  11. Copywriter Needed
  12. Part Time Editor/Proofreader – DC

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporter – Rancho Santa Fe News

Ghost Writing Jobs

  1. Ghost Writer to Help with Project

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Grant Writer – Philadelphia
  2. Business Plan Writer – Austin
  3. Grant Writer – Washington State

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Certified Resume Writer

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Test Question Writers
  2. Analyst for Market Research Reports
  3. Game Guide Author
  4. Finance/Business Writer – Atlanta
  5. Experienced Freelance Business Writer – Baltimore
  6. Freelance Medical Writer – Philadelphia
  7. Co-Author for Biography – Philadelphia
  8. Telesales Script – Boise
  9. Writer/Editor – Jacksonville
  10. Financial/Business Writer
  11. Writer for Cover Letter
  12. Maritime Writers – Seattle

International Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Chinese/Spanish Proofreaders – China

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  1. Angie says

    Hi, Deb –

    I applied at Content Marketing Pros this morning, asking for more information. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    • Angie says

      I heard back from Content Marketing Pros this evening. They sent a short application form, and one of the questions was “Will you accept pay of 1 cent per word?” — not very encouraging, but I sent the form back anyway with a “no” answer on that question. The email I received said that pay varies depending on word count and research required, and that they have a forum for writers, which sounds somewhat similar to Demand. Their pay period is Sunday through Saturday, with payment via PayPal 10 days after the period ends. All writers start on SEO articles and can eventually be chosen for other projects, like e-books. If I get any more information I’ll let you know!

  2. Barb says

    Thanks for the list — kids are off school in Michigan — 10 inches of snow last night. Just enough for good sledding and not enough to screw up the roads too badly!

  3. Diana says

    I’ve been lurking here for awhile and just wanted to says thanks! You guys are fabulous for inspiration, education and just plain kick in the rear motivation.

    Um, I thought Canada was supposed to be getting the snow!?!? My kids are waiting for a snow day… Sunny and just a dusting here in Ontario.

  4. Brigitte says

    I find it amusing how many different ways in which Demand Studios represents itself on this site and so many others. I’ve heard very bad things about them and some good ones. Anyone have any comments? Most of the time when I comment here, no one answers, but a comment or kind reply every once in awhile would be appreciated! Thank you.

    • says

      I’ve said many times here that I’ve had good experiences with Demand Studios. In fact, my work with them essentially was my foot in the freelancing door. The money is not exceptionally great, but it’s solid, steady income. And they are reliable in paying.

    • says

      Hi Brigitte,

      Demand Studios is a sponsor for this site which is why you see their ads. I sought them out for sponsorship because I believe them to be a positive experience for many freelancers.They have received a lot of negative press by writers and bloggers who don’t approve of their pay rate or model. I can tell you this: They treat their writers well, pay like clockwork and have measures and procedures in place to ensure quality content.

      I don’t know if Demand Studios will work for you as each writer is different, but many writers are happy writing for them.

    • says

      Hi, Brigitte. I freelanced for Demand last year for a very short time, but not as a writer, so I can’t speak to that. Nevertheless, as others have said, they seem to pay reliably and do seem to have some measures in place for quality assurance–namely copyeditors and a well-written rule book. My beef with them was that they expected an astonishing amount (in terms of speed of editing and fact-checking) of work; if I recall, once an editor got up to speed, s/he was expected to edit and fact-check about 50-60 articles in some 10 hours a week. {I didn’t save my e-mails, however, so I could be off on the number. I just remember that it wasn’t doable for me.} Considering that some of the articles were health- and wellness-based, I couldn’t personally gloss over the fact-checking (i.e., I couldn’t conscience it if a writer had spelled a medication wrong, much less given a recommendation on an entirely incorrect medication–not that that happened in the short time I worked for them–and I was unable to help them in getting that correct; in that case, what a disservice I would have been doing both to the reader and the writer!). As Deb said, each writer (and editor, I’d add) is different. But perhaps my situation as an editor will impress you with the fact that it’s critical for writers to “take ownership” of their work with Demand and be 100% certain that all the data they present are correct, to the best of their ability of course. So, as you can also imagine, the speed component was something imperative to the editing side of working for Demand, and I would conjecture that it’s the same for writers. If you’re a fast, confident, reliable, and competent writer, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t succeed with Demand, and Deb’s and others’ testimonials on FWJ seem to back that up well.

      I hope that this sort of “outside” perspective helps you, Brigitte!

      Best regards to all, and thanks to Deb for the great site!
      Leigh Smith
      The evolving site:

  5. Brigitte says

    Thank you, Pat and thank you, Deb! I’ve been accepted but I’ve heard many times that the subjects to choose from are often ones that take alot of research (such as How to Find the Perfect Hammer) or things of that nature. The pay seems like any other kind of content mill site and there are others who pay regularly and on time. I do agree these types of sites are excellent for beginning freelancers to display their work and get a wonderful portfolio of work set up.

    Those really GREAT paying gigs are few and far between, so it’s easy to be spoiled by them and disappointing when they end! I’m sure all of you have had those and they are so nice compared to individuals or companies who wish to pay writers (seasoned,experienced ones) a penny a word or some ridiculous amount, but again any way to get your work out there is good at first, I think.

    Again, thanks for your input. It’s greatly appreciated. Sunny and breezy here with a high of 50!

  6. Chari says

    I am wondering how selective Demand Studios is. Do they require a certain level of education or experience? I like magazine writing best of all but may try to branch out into writing for the web… Anyway, thanks for the lists. You do a great job for the freelance community.

  7. Tish Davidson says

    I posted this a couple of days ago but will post it again, as I think it does a pretty good job of summing up how Demand Studios works and the pros and cons of working for them. It includes an interview with Demand Executive VP Steven Kydd and answers some of the questions people have been asking.

    Column by David Carr in the New York Times about Demand Studios

  8. Tish Davidson says

    Can someone explain why some comments are listed as “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and others appear to be posted immediately?

  9. Brigitte says

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks so much for your responses. I don’t know if any of you have checked out Direct Freelance. You have to pay a yearly fee ($99) a year, but the first year I got a gig that paid 5 times ROI and the second year one that paid 9 times ROI! Just when I think I’m not going to sign up again, I get an email from a reliable source that pays and pays well. Not sure if anyone else has this or not. Most of the email alerts I get are for low-paying jobs, but if I had not have signed up, then I wouldn’t have received these great opportunities, not to mention the recommendations I have from these folks. Just a thought and a word of encouragement and Deb, thanks so much for the list. You do a great job and we, as writers (a lonely and sometimes unappreciated profession)appreciate the sources. Write on and write well!

    Thanks everyone!

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