Freelance Writing Jobs for February 11, 2010

So as of Wednesday evening, we’ve been socked with a foot of snow and another five to ten inches expected over night. Part of me is thankful I have a job that enables me to stay inside during such weather, and part of me wishes I could take a snow day too.

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Enjoy today’s lists.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Web and Content Writing Jobs

  1. Entertainment Writers for Digital Spy
  2. Green Tech Writer for Tainted Green
  3. Writer for Pharmaceutical Site – $500/month
  4. Web Content Writer – King of Prussia PA
  5. Web Content/SEO Writer – Cleveland
  6. Fashion, Arts, Culture Writers

Blogger Jobs

  1. Blogger Wanted

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Proofreader – Philadelphia
  2. Freelance Proofreader – Bridgewater NJ
  3. Technical Proofreader Needed
  4. Editor – San Diego

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Beauty Copywriter – Maybelline – NYC – Freelance to perm
  2. Freelance Copywriter for Children’s Books – Harpers COllins – NYC
  3. Copywriter Needed – Southeastern MA

Ghost Writing Jobs

  1. Ghost Writer for Novel – NYC

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Proposal Writer – Boston
  2. Business Plan Writer – Westchester County NY

Food Writing Jobs

  1. Food Writers Needed
  2. Restaurant Writer – Oahu

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer Needed

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Technology Marketing Writer at FunTek
  2. Read and Score Student Essays
  3. Book Reviewers Needed
  4. Writes/Bloggers/Journalists – Alpharetta
  5. Infomercial Writer – Los Angeles
  6. Writer for Advertising Flyer – Philadelphia
  7. Writing Help for Learning Disabled Grad Student – San Francisco
  8. Freelance Writer for Radio Program – Seattle
  9. Creative Writer -PR/Professional Austin

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  1. Brigitte says

    Hi Deb,
    Thanks for the list. I also read your article on blogging. Under #17, you write:

    It’s OK to advertise on blogs: For about four years I felt guilty for posting ads. As a freelancer I needed to justify the time spent blogging for myself, and I also need to pay those who blog for me. I don’t know why some folks equate blog ads with poor content, but I’m over it. This year I went all out with the ads and my revenue exploded. My content didn’t change and most of my community stuck with me. A few left after I partnered with a particular sponsor, but most of my community remained loyal. Many say the ads don’t bother them at all and they understand the need to monetize. So there you have it.

    I agree, but my question is and I can’t find, anywhere, from any sources how one does this. I’m not sure if bloggers don’t want to share, but how does one post ads? Where do you get them? How do you start? Is Blogger better than Word Press? Is there a book that spells this out in straight language to those who’ve never blogged but would like to begin? How does one find out what “revenue” they receive and how does one receive it?

    Anyone know? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Brigitte, here’s an explanation that may help get you on the track to making some money with ads on your site.

      The way to advertise, and earn, is to affiliate yourself with the site you want to advertise for.

      You can do this by going to a site you like and checking to see if they have an affiliate program, then join it and use their art work to advertise their products.

      Another way is to go to, or or and sign up with one or all of them then go thru each site and select the sites/companies you would like to see on your site.

      I would recommend going the individual website route as the tracking cookie could be for up to one year instead of a month or two, allowing you a much better chance to profit off any visitor who visits but doesn’t buy the first time out.

      This is the key to profiting with advertising on any site you own or control, so good luck. I hope it works out for you.

      If you need any further help just ask.

      John Morris

      Sorry I don’t have a site to send you to to check things out but I just upgraded hosting packages and I moved some sites from one host to another and things kind of got away from me what with me looking for more work and all.

  2. Cristy says

    I live in the southwest and I think some of us live to just see some snow. I was one of those little girls that always wished for snow on Xmas. I only got it as an adult while I was visiting family in Colorado.

    I am just amazed on how much information you put out here. I just sometimes don’t know where to start! Thanks, and I hope I can find a lead that I actually qualify for.


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