Freelance Writing Jobs for February 2, 2010

It’s brag day!

My friend Becky McCray features a “Brag Basket” at her small business blog. Each week, she invites her community to brag about their goals and achievements. I’ve only had the guts to participate once (Mom didn’t take kindly to bragging), but Becky’s community totally digs it. Since we’re all writers at various stages in our respective careers, I want to invite you all to brag today. Tell us about something totally cool that has happened either in your personal or professional life. Go ahead and drop your links. If there’s ever been anything you want to scream from the rooftops, now is your chance.

Your Daily Lists

Lots of good stuff going on today. Check it out:

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Recommended reading from around the blogosphere

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Writer for 50 Pages of Legal Content
  2. Content Writer for IT Services Company – Chicago

Blogger Jobs

  1. Blogger for Website – North Jersey
  2. Blogger for

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Editor – Arlington VA
  2. Part Time Editor at Popular Productivity Blog
  3. Freelance Editors for FOX Sports – Long Beach
  4. Pharmaceutical Writer and Editor – Cincinnati
  5. Proofreader/Editor for 300 Page Manuscript – Cincinnati
  6. Editor/Proofreading Tutor
  7. Editor for Novel

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Freelance Copywriter – Plano TX
  2. Copywriter with Benefits Experience – Dallas
  3. Part Time Copywriter Position Available – $20/hour
  4. Copywriter – Long Term contract – Plano
  5. Copywriter for Adult Products – Phoenix

Journalism Jobs

  1. Journalist/Writer – UK
  2. CNBC Seeks Journalists
  3. Journalists/Writers for Fixedia
  4. Freelance Writer/Reporter – Houston
  5. Part Time Reporter – Bellingham

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Pharmaceutical Technical Writer – Tampa
  2. Technical Writer/Creative Content – Austin
  3. Aerospace Technical Writer – Phoenix

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Grant Writer Needed – Dallas
  2. Business Plan Writer – Summerlin
  3. Business Plan Writer – South Bay
  4. Grant Writer Needed
  5. Business Proposal – NYC

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writers Needed
  2. Resume Writer – Palmdale

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Auto Insurance Writer – .04/word
  2. Blue Mountain Arts is Looking for Greeting Card Writers
  3. Article on Argentina
  4. Writer to Evaluate Websites – $1400/month
  5. News & Content Writers – $27 – 30K/year – Boston -Telecommute OK
  6. Writer for Various Projects – Pasadena
  7. Regulatory Writer
  8. Presentation Writer -Las Vegas
  9. Freelance Writers Wanted – Waterford Lake
  10. Freelance Writers – Cape May

International Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Journalist Writer – UK
  2. Press Release Writer -Canada
  3. Financial Blogger – UK
  4. Novel Writer and Editor – Montreal

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  1. says

    Thanks for letting us do a “self” shout out…. just signed a contract with Social Studies School Services to publish my biographical plays on famous people in American History. :-) Also tried my luck at writing a short story for kids-Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis and the Purple Adventure Goggles. If you have any input you’d like to give me(or markets to suggest sending the story), I’d love to hear from you. Check out the story at my website for teachers/young people:
    Have a brilliant day!

  2. says

    Thanks for the list. I made it here, again, despite my workload.

    To brag or not to brag — ahh…yes — was a cool gig that I nabbed through another writer’s mill. LiveStrong opened doors for me —, I write three articles a week on fitness, racquetball and bodybuilding.

    Movie Roar, which I link with each post here, is fun and all mine about movies. Screenhead, http://www.screenhead, I’ve been with for over a year, that has opened doors for me as well. I write about film and run the giveaways on that site.

    I write for a Fix It Yourself site.

    I also have a book, Breaking into Film. I have another book at the publishers called Dinosaurs, lesson plans to do with children about dinosaurs.

    She’ll Get Hers — one act play that gets picked up quite a bit by high school and college students because it’s an all woman’s play.

    That’s enough I better stop bragging.

  3. says

    Well thanks for the offer of a ‘free’ shout out! I’m promoting two free introductory calls on “The Art of Social Networking” for writers, with group coaching classes launching in March….all based on my recently published book by the same title.

    For more info, please visit my site,

    There’s info on the free class, the paid group coaching, and links to buy either the PDF E Book or paperback of the same name.


  4. says

    Awesome – a chance to brag! You gotta grab those when you can!

    I just signed a contract to blog and do article marketing for a business college – 7 and 1/2 hours a week. They are so excited there is talk of more work to come!

  5. says

    Kinda hesitant about ‘Writer for Various Projects – Pasadena’. Writing samples -ok. But they want you to write an article about the site and submit as well. Something sounds not right about that.

  6. Elaine says

    Just to let everyone know the supposed 1400 to evaluate websites is that pauline marshall one again trying to get people to sign up to websites, so annoying she’s there everyday with this scam!

  7. WotV says

    Warning: The $1400/month website evaluator is looking for someone to sign up for “adult” sites and review them. The response was “don’t worry about the cost, you can cancel after the review”. Right.

  8. says

    It’s been a month, but landed a column gig with Working Nurse Magazine (Found right here, Deb!) First post debut Jan/Feb issue is online & in print!!

  9. says

    Well, hmm, a few braggy things – and most (or all?) of them happened because of my work at Blogcritics Magazine. 1) I was one of four finalists in an essay contest that Fox was running on the show 24, my 50-words-or-less essay was on Fox’s website. (the winner got a trip to England). 2) was invited by the Fox network to cover a red-carpet premier in NOLA for a couple of their TV shows, all expenses paid. I had to decline the offer, but it was nice to be asked. 3) My reviews have been quoted on various artists(musicians, authors, film-makers etc) websites. 4)A book review of mine was voted Article of the Month at Blogcritics, and I won $100.00.

    Wow. It feels weird to brag!

      • says

        MB – …I’m sorry that’s a no. We get paid in “assets” which means we get promotional materials – it depends on what’s being reviewed, but it could be theater/concert/movie tickets, music CDs, advance review copies (ARCs) of books, DVDs, tv shows, I even got some nice margarita mix!

        We also get paid in the intangibles. Experience, readership, networking, and editorial support.

        Speaking of pay ($$), a couple years ago I applied for Demand Studios. I was accepted, but #1 I was a bit put off by the limited subjects and format. I wasn’t looking to write “how-to” articles, and #2 my son was starting an ongoing struggle with liver disease – I could not focus on much besides the family.

        So – fast forward to late fall 2009, I give Demand Studios another try, mostly based on the support or promotion give by this website here. Well, there IS more than doing just ‘how-to’s, I’ve found a few articles I could write AND get paid for. And I do appreciate their editorial staff too. I was surprised that my first piece got accepted with no rewrites!

        The downside for me is that even though there are hundreds of titles to choose from, most are titles that I would have NO clue where to start, and don’t interest me at all. (auto and home repair type stuff for example). But it’s worth being a part of, just have to know how to check through the titles.


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