Freelance Writing Jobs for February 4, 2010

What is everyone working on? To be honest, I’m not writing too many client freelance writing jobs lately. This blog and a few personal projects take up the bulk of my time, but I did stumble on some of my old clips from ten years ago which I’m going to rework with a more current slant and pitch to markets. Mostly though, I’m just doing my thing here.

Your Daily Lists

I’m pleasantly surprised by the wonderful comments and suggestions being put forth on our survey. If you haven’t yet filled out the Freelance Writing Jobs Network community survey, may I respectfully request you do so. It shows us what we’re doing right – and wrong – and allows us to adapt with you. Knowing what you want and like helps us to fine tune this network to your needs.

New around the Freelance Writing Jobs network

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Premium: Featured gig: looking for educational writer (financial certifications)
We are looking for a careful writer (i.e., blogger with pro research skills) to add content to our new Career Guide service. Your focus will be researching and blogging helpful information to visitors who are evaluating various certification/designation options (e.g., CFA, FRM, CFP). Interest in professional finance is desirable (deep experience/expertise not necessary, curiosity and diligence is more important).
Please provide compensation requirements and writing sample(s).
Freelance Writing Jobs is looking for a blogger to join our team:

Life’s getting busy and I’m looking for a little help for the Freelance Writing Jobs blog. An experienced writer is needed to help pick up the slack right here on the homepage.

Topics to cover:

  • Pitching magazines and markets
  • Finding the high paying gigs
  • Networking and marketing
  • Setting rates
  • Negotiating pay raises
  • Topics to help freelance writers land lucrative opportunities.

Please click here for details.

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Web Content Writing – Be on your guard for this one. They’re looking for serious quantity.
  2. Freelance Web Writer – San Francisco
  3. Website Writing – Boca Raton
  4. Music Bio– Ft Lauderdale
  5. Marketing & Content Manager – SLC
  6. SEO Proposal – Boston
  7. Freelance Web Writer – San Francisco

Blogger Jobs

    1. Freelance Writer for Home Remodeling Blog
    2. Real Estate Blogger – DC
    3. Blogger for – $20/post
    4. Blog About Products Made in America
    5. Weekly Blogger – Minnesota
    6. Real Estate Bloggers – San Diego

      Proofreading/Editing Jobs

      1. Chidlren’s Book Editor
      2. Freelance Editor

      Copywriting Jobs

      1. Digital Copywriter with Financial Experience – NYC
      2. Copywriter -Retail – Plano TX
      3. Copywriter -Atlanta
      4. Copywriter for Retail Website – Chicago
      5. Interactive Copywriter – Green Brook NJ

      Journalism Jobs

      1. Journalist for K-12 Publication – Salem

      Technical Writing Jobs

      1. Technical Writer – Pittsburgh
      2. Technical Writer – Burlingame

      Ghost Writing Jobs

      1. Published Ghost Writer -San Francisco

      Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

      1. Grant Writer Needed – NYC
      2. Business Plan Writer – San Diego

      Travel Writing Jobs

      1. Freelance Travel Writers

      Sports Writing Jobs

      1. Combat Sports Reporter Wanted

      Resume Writing Jobs

      1. Resume Writer Needed

      General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

      1. Freelance Writer – Buffalo
      2. Creative Writer – Oakland
      3. Business Writing Instructor – Chicago
      4. Marketing Writer – NYC
      5. E-Newsletter & Press Releases – NYC
      6. Freelance Development Writer – NYC

      International Freelance Writing Jobs

      1. Article Writer – London
      2. Legal Writer/Editor – Toronto
      3. Regular Contributors to Fashion Website – Vancouver
      4. Press Release Writer – Vancouver
      5. Marketing Writer – Toronto
      6. Technical Writer – Toronto

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