Freelance Writing Jobs for February 8, 2010

Where is everyone in the Freelance Writing Jobs community located? You don’t have to give specifics, but a general region. My son and I are geography buffs and I’ve been thinking about maptacking the FWJ community as part of  project for him.

Were you caught in the blizzard this weekend? It wasn’t bad in my neighborhood – maybe six inches of snow – but I know some areas received a couple of feet. Fortunately blogging is terrific for shut ins and social networking helps to keep the cabin fever at bay.

On Friday I mentioned Carson Brackney would be contributing at Freelance Writing Jobs. I’m happy to announce a long time friend of FWJ (and mine) is climbing on board as well. Laura Spencer will also be a regular contributor and will help you land those high paying technical and corporate gigs. We have one more announcement coming up regarding a new team member.  I know you’ll help all our new contributors feel welcome.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Bloggers & Article Writers
  2. Freelance Writers for
  3. Freelance Writers Wanted for Proficient Writers
  4. Boating Writer – NJ Coast/NY Harbor – $1600 – $2100
  5. Website Writer – Central NJ
  6. Writer/Blogger for Health Care and Wellness Startup – Mountain View
  7. Professional Web Writers Wanted – $45/article? (Ad says $45 per copy)
  8. Gardening Writers Wanted for Grow Indie

Blogger Jobs

  1. Zombie Film Bloggers Needed
  2. Laptop Blogger
  3. Media Blogger Needed
  4. Blogger – Las Vegas
  5. Social Media Bloggers
  6. Exotic Car Blogger – Beverly Hills
  7. Parenting Blogger – Southern California
  8. Blogger/Article Writer – SEO Focused

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Development Editor – Hinsdale IL

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Bilingual Copywriter – Los Angeles
  2. Jr. Agency Copywriter -Los Angeles
  3. Copywriter – Philadelphia
  4. Copywriters & Proofreaders – Austin
  5. Senior Interactive Copywriter – Wayne NJ
  6. Copywriter – On site freelance – Plano
  7. Foreign Language Copywriters – NYC
  8. Freelance Copywriters Needed – NYC
  9. Freelance Copywriter – NYC
  10. Copywriter for Website Content – Atlanta
  11. Copywriter for Small Business – Silverado
  12. Copywriter/Editor – San Francisco
  13. Product Marketing Technology Copywriter – San Francisco
  14. Advertorial Writer – Winston-Salem
  15. Content for Business Brochure
  16. Freelance Copywriter – Virginia Beach
  17. Quirky Copywriter Needed – Kendall square
  18. Copywriter for Multiple Projects
  19. Fashion Industry Copywriter
  20. Freelance Copywriter – Washington DC

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporter – NYC
  2. Journalist with Science or Chemistry Knowledge
  3. Local Music Reporters – Ventura County – Negotiable per word rate.

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Technical Writer Needed – Brea, CA

Ghost Writing Jobs

  1. Ghost Writer – Contract – $25,000 to $100,000 (Ask lots of questions as the ad tells nothing about the project.)

Business Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Grant Writer Needed
  2. Looking for a Grant Writer – Orlando
  3. Business Plan Writer
  4. Grant Writer/Copywriter – Kewanee
  5. Business Plan Writer – Fairfax – $50/hour
  6. Proposal Help – Las Vegas

Food Writing Jobs

  1. Organic Food Articles Needed

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Baseball Feature Writer for Spring Training
  2. Football Bloggers Needed
  3. Sports Correspondents Needed
  4. Freelance Motorsports Writers – Nashville

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Help Needed
  2. Resume Writer Needed
  3. Resume Writer Needed – NYC
  4. Resume Writer NJ
  5. Resume Writer – Sacramento

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. eBook on Working Abroad
  2. ebook- Horticulture/Botany Jobs – 6.5 cents/word
  3. TOEFL Writer
  4. Comedy Writer for Website
  5. Real Estate Business Plan Writer
  6. Detroit Based Freelance Writers
  7. Writer Needed for Humorous Memoir – NY/NJ
  8. Marketing Writer – 3 -5 month contract – Downers Grove IL
  9. Science Assessment Writers and Editors – NYC
  10. Freelance Writers Needed – Brooklyn
  11. Freelance Writers – Hinsdale IL
  12. Creative Writer Needed for “Guido” Guide – NJ Shore
  13. Freelance Writer Needed – Central PA
  14. Writer Wanted – New Haven
  15. Financial Marketing Writer – Boston
  16. Public Relations Writer – Philadelphia Suburbs
  17. Contract Writer – Long Beach

International Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Medical Content Writers -Toronto
  2. Electronic Music Blogger – Toronto
  3. Freelance Writers and Editors – Montreal
  4. Editor/writer Needed – Montreal
  5. Editorial Writer – Paris

Magazine Submissions, Guidelines and Markets

  1. BuzzBin Magazine Looking for freelancers – Pays by the word or the piece (Unspecified pay)
  2. Food/Wine/Cocktail Writers for Milwaukee Home and Fine Living Magazine
  3. Skin Care and Beauty Writers for Online Magazine – .10/word

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  1. Amy Lynn says

    I live in the Pocono Mountains. The local weathermen and women forecasted three to eight inches for the storm. We got a dusting. LOL.

  2. Andrea says

    I also love geography and think this project is a great idea for Young Master Ng. :) I live in Ohio, and we received 9 inches of snow in my neighborhood.

  3. says

    North Carolina – which I “thought” was in the South!!! But we are getting our share of snow too. Unfortunately we don’t really know what a snow PLOW is so there have been lots of missed school days!!! :-)

  4. says

    I’m in Denver, Colorado.

    BTW, I’m sure I’ve said it before, thanks for all the hard work here. I try and click on ads whenever I remember and have my blocking software off :)


  5. Kim says

    Great list Deb! I am in BC, Canada, only about 3 hours from Vancouver where the Olympics will be very soon. Oddly, we are having warm weather right now. We have absolutely no snow! They are starting to wonder what they will do for the outdoor Olympic sports. It is so weird when so many other areas are getting so much snow. It’s great for me though; I love a snow free winter!

  6. Maria says

    As an Italian-American, I am repulsed that you would list the “Guido Guide” as a job opportunity. I know MTV has legitimized presenting us as bimbos and buffoons, but that doesn’t make it appropriate for othetrs not to use their discretion in this matter.

  7. says

    Atlanta, GA. No snow, but it’s been raining so much the past few months, it’s easy to confuse it for Seattle I suppose. And like Pat in NC, I thought this was the ‘South’. We moved here from NC 2 years ago and the temperatures seem even lower..brrr…Hope all you Washington DC folks and others from the snowed in areas are doing ok.
    Thanks for the list.
    .-= Rupa´s last blog ..Birds – A Baby Book You Don’t Have to Read to Read =-.

  8. rak says,has anyone tried it..The job sounds something different other than writing.For me nothing is working.Recently apply for Internet brands and some recent vacancies but all are either filled or not responding..can anyone suggest me something which is working.Need work desperately.

    • says

      As Deb has done quite often on this site, I’d recommend Demand Studios. It’s not outstanding money, but it can be steady income. And they are definitely reliable with the pay. It’s a great way to get started – I speak from experience!

  9. says

    I’m in northern New York, not far from the St. Lawrence River. The storm didn’t come this far north or this far inland. Since we’ve been known to get about six months of winter, we tend to feel a certain perverse glee when areas that aren’t used to snow get socked with it. Especially when we don’t get any.

    • Wren Falls says

      Wondering why you felt the need to post that, Tish? Deb’s pretty transparent about her affiliation with Demand Studios.

      • Tish Davidson says

        People here seem to ask a lot of questions about writing for Demand Studios. I thought the article was interesting and reasonably researched – no ulterior motives.

  10. Kathleen says

    I’m in the Hudson Valley of New York, just south of West Point. The big storm this past weekend missed us. Actually, it has not been a particularly snowy winter for us. We are supposed to get a few inches on Wednesday, though.

    Thanks for the leads. I visit every day and am just beginning to put my toe in the water by applying for a few jobs.

  11. Brandon says

    Once again, you provide a dose of awesome with the leads. Thanks, Deb. As far as the geography goes, I’m shouting out from northern Idaho, where we are having an unusual lack of snow so far this year. In fact, it’s been very nice for this time of year, especially after the back-breaking load we got the last couple of winters. Time to go knock on some wood; hope I didn’t jinx myself…

  12. says

    I live in Pittsburgh. We received a record 23 inches of snow and 6 more inches are predicted. Everyone is snowed in and can’t get to school or work. Fortunately, as a freelance writer, I work from home. I got a lot done today, including landing a huge new client I found through this site!
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..Law Enforcement Trends =-.

  13. says

    I’m in Hamilton, New Zealand – no snow here, ever. Especially not now, being summer and all 😉 Do I get the prize for being the lonely little pin stuck the farthest from anywhere else?

  14. says

    I live in Michigan and we did not get hit with snow this weekend but they’re predicting 5-7 inches tomorrow. Since it’s been a dry winter, it will feel like a foot, lol. Congrats on the new team members! I am looking forward to getting to know Carson and am already a fan of Laura’s work – welcome aboard!
    .-= Karen Swim´s last blog ..Is Your Business Puzzle Missing a Piece? =-.

  15. says

    Also in Michigan half way between Detroit and Lansing.

    We’re expecting Snowmageddon tomorrow, but we’ll see if we actually get it :)

    Thanks for the leads!

  16. Skippy says

    I’m in NYC, where we got a few flurries instead of the predicted 3-6″ of snow. However, my parents live in southern NJ (“down the shore”) and they got about two feet!!

  17. says

    Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Prior to this, Greeley, Colorado.

    Just a short drive to the Black Sea or the Mediterranean, and the Thracian Plains, Rhodope Mountains, and much much more out my back door. Wouldn’t change it for the world.


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