Freelance Writing Jobs Presents 11 Cooking, Food & Drink Markets

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We’re sharing cooking and food markets for you at Freelance Writing Jobs today. I researched each market to the best of my ability and as of February 2010, these are accurate and current. If I found a link to current guidelines, I included them. Otherwise, I listed contact information so you could request current submission guidelines from the market. I only posted a market if it was indicated that they’re accepting freelance submissions at this time.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with back copies of the various markets and read all guidelines thoroughly to be sure you’re a good fit for the market and you can provide the right voice and slant.

  1. Bon Appetit: Pays $100+. 50% freelance written. Query editors for full guidelines.
  2. Chile Pepper – Pays $600 (minimum). 70% freelance written. The focus is on spicy foods. Contact [email protected] for complete guidelines.
  3. Food Safety Magazine – Unspecified pay. Please see online guidelines.
  4. Fresh Magazine – Supermarket chain-based magazine. Payment varies and stories are assigned four to six months in advance. Please see online guidelines.
  5. QSR Magazine – A magazine for those in the quick service restaurant (read: fast food) industry. Unspecified pay. Please see online gudielines.
  6. Relish Magazine – Food magazine insert found in newspapers. Payment varies. Please see online guidelines.
  7. Sauce Magazine – Looking for food-related essays. Unspecified pay. Please see online guidelines.
  8. Southern Food Magazine – Unspecified pay. Please see online guidelines.
  9. Tea A. Magazine – Pay is negotiable.  75% freelance written.  Query for complete guidelines.
  10. Wine Enthusiast – Pays $750 – $2500. 40% freelance written. Please see online guidelines and editorial calendar.
  11. Wine Press Northwest – Pays $300. 50% freelance written. Contact Managing Editor Eric Degerman at [email protected] for complete guidelines.

If you successfully query any of these markets or wish to share pitching or querying tips, please sharein the comments.  Don’t miss our other posted markets:

Lots of good luck to you!


  1. Nadine says

    I queried the editors of Bon Appetit for their writers guidelines and the reply I got back was that they don’t have writers guidelines.


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