Freelance Writing Jobs for February 16, 2010

New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network The Dark Side of Freelance Writing: When Clients Don’t Pay 4 Measures to Put in Place So Your Freelance Writing Clients Don’t Rip You Off A Grammatically Correct President’s Day Ad Recommended reading will return tomorrow Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Healthcare Industry Subject Matter Experts Write […]

Make Money Fast – Start Your Own Blog (ha ha ha!)

Ok, I’m diverting from my usual topic here at Blogging For A Living; making money blogging for others, because I saw a blog post recently at Coupon Sherpa titled Quick Cash: 24 Ways to Make Money While Unemployed and part of it irked me, hence the diversion. The post isn’t terrible. In fact there are […]

Monday Markets for February 15, 2010

Down East Magazine From the Web Site: All editorial and photographic submissions must be directly related to Maine. Materials will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. While every precaution is taken to ensure that materials are safely returned, the publisher can assume no responsibility for unsolicited photographs or manuscripts. Writers Down […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and happy belated Valentine’s Day. Welcome to another clean slate Monday where we forget any negativity or missteps of the past week and make a fresh start. What will you do for your positive beginning? Enjoy your daily lists: New around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network Do Not as I Do: […]

The Dark Side of Freelance Writing: When Clients Don’t Pay

tales from the darkside

We often talk of the benefits of freelance writing, extolling on its flexibility and comfort. Something we don’t cover enough is what I call the “dark side”  of freelance writing including scammers and non payers. One thing I learned over the years is how so many freelancers are embarrassed after being “stiffed” and don’t want […]

How long is too long – when to give up freelance writing

Only you know when you’ve tried freelance writing or blogging long enough and when it’s smart to throw in the towel. It’ll vary for people. There is a difference between an impossible situation and an iffy situation though. For example, there are almost always feast or famine periods when you’re a freelance blogger or writer. […]

The Freelance Writing Jobs Weekly Rundown: February 14, Edition

Every day we post our daily lists featuring freelance writing jobs leads, recommended reading from around the blogosphere and what’s new around the FWJ network. For those of us who don’t read the web and print blog, here’s a list of this week’s daily lists: Here’s what’s new this week at the Freelance Writing Jobs […]

Do Not As I Do….My Top 10 Most Embarrassing Freelance Writing Moments


We talk a lot about the importance of being professional, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t make some gaffes once in a while. I don’t think I’m alone, either. Plenty of freelance writers have unprofessional and even embarrassing moments. I’ll bet even some highly paid best sellers did a few things that […]

Day 5: Update Your Reading, 5 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Skills

There’s nothing like finding a blog you love or a columnist that says exactly what you’re thinking. Often at FWJ we are accused of being mind readers and though I’d love to have all the readers of Freelance Writing Jobs spend $9.99 a minute to call in so I can read their writing tea leaves, […]