Please Welcome New Bloggers to the Freelance Writing Jobs Team

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s call for bloggers. We received over 250 applications and I spent most of the weekend reading through them all. You’re all so talented it was very hard to choose. However, several applicants were no-brainers.

Please welcome three new bloggers to the Freelance Writing Jobs blogging team.

Carson Brackney: Carson is going to offer news you can use. He’s going to take a look at the freelance writing world and offer practical tips for getting the job done. Carson and I go way back, we both began writing blogs around the same time and even made the first ever “Top 10 Blogs for Writers” list. I’m sure you’ll appreciate Carson’s quick wit and outspoken insight.

Laura Spencer: Another long-time member of the Freelance Writing Jobs community, Laura will offer tips for landing corporate and technical writing gigs so you can find more lucrative opportunities. If you’re a regular reader of Freelance Folder, you’re probably a fan of Laura’s as well.

Andy Hayes: Andy has been published in a variety of online and print publications and will discuss pitches, queries and applications. Andy will help you learn what clients and editors are looking for and offer practical tips and so you can branch out beyond your comfort zone with ease.

Also expect to see contributions from PoeWar‘s own John Hewitt. John will drop by from time to time to talk about different aspects of freelancing and contracting


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