What is Your Freelance Writing Target Market?

One of the positive aspects of working as a freelance writer is that you have some control over the amount and type of work that you do. Unless you have an idea about what kind of work are looking for and what kinds of clients you want to target, you are going to end up spending a lot of your time on a shotgun type of approach to finding work. This is not the most effective way to find the kind of freelance writing jobs you really want.

You could come across some really great freelance writing jobs advertised in your travels, but if you aren’t a good fit for them, it’s not likely that you are going to get hired. A better approach before you apply for anything is to think about who you are as a writer and what your area of expertise is rather than chasing after jobs because a particular niche is hot right now or you’ve heard that X type of writing is where the money is.

That’s not to say that you can’t develop your skills so that you can try something new, or that you should stick to the same short list of topics you feel comfortable writing about. I’m all for saying yes to new opportunities or getting out there and making your own – it’s how we grow, after all.

What I am saying is that before you start applying for every freelance writing gig you see advertised or start pitching wildly to any potential client you can think of, it pays to have a plan. What do you bring to the table that your potential clients can benefit from? Once you have a clear idea about who you are and what you can offer, you can be more choosy about which ads you will respond to. You can also spend time making a highly targeted list of potential clients you want to contact and following through with it.

If you take the time to consider who your target market is first, your freelance writing job search strategy will be more effective. How do you target your search for freelance writing gigs?


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    I started out targeting companies that had an obvious interest in sustainability, but it seemed there were many, many freelancers already established in that arena. Then, almost accidentally, I found that I really enjoy working with very small business with 10 or fewer employees. They often have specific problems that I can help with, and most give great referrals, too. I can’t charge the highest rates out there but have the satisfaction of helping small business owners stay afloat.

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    Hi Jodee. I focus my queries to parenting markets mostly. As a therapist, I have experience with counseling individuals, couples and families. Also being a mom helps with my target markets. I used to apply to various jobs whether they fit me or not because I wanted to be published so badly. Now, I’ve slowed down and taken the time to dissect markets that I’m suited for and work on query slowly. Since I work full-time and part-time and have a child, that’s the only way I’ll get my writing done. At a slow pace, but my writing is better for it. I focus on what comes naturally to me: parenting and counseling. Thanks so much for the post. Great job!


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