How to score blogging gigs in one easy step


That’s it. I know, it’s simple and sounds too good to be true, but when you get right down to it, applying for gigs is the number one best way to get gigs.

I only bring this up because I see folks all the time at forums, in writers chats, and on Twitter who note they’re looking for work over and over. I get email questions like, “How do I get work as a blogger?” Not to sound over simplistic, but honestly you might want to try applying for gigs. Heck apply for MANY gigs. In fact I’m a big believer in the law of averages. When I need work I apply to an excess – maybe too much of an excess (I’ve been known to apply for 50-100 gigs in a month) but that said, I do work full time in the blogging world so there’s probably something to it.

Of course it helps if you frequent decent job boards, apply correctly, and check back with clients. It also doesn’t hurt if you’re a nice person and a somewhat decent blogger. All of this can be learned though. What is seemingly hard for many folks is that very first step. Applying.

To learn more about how to actually go about applying for blogging gigs take a look at the following posts…



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