Feed Your Blogging Addiction with Highly Addictive Links

Bloggers get addicted to all sorts of crazy (and not so crazy) things – coffee, surfing, Twitter and more. With this in mind, here are some super addictive blogging issues to ponder this week.

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Feast or Famine – how many times do you use this phrase as a writer. At least once a week? Twice a week? More? It’s true this phrase is highly addictive to writers, mainly because it’s true. However, our own Lorna Doone Brewer thinks it’s time we gave this addiction a great big shove off.

Su.pr – Oh my gosh I am so utterly addicted to Su.pr this week. I normally use twhirl for tweeting because I run many Twitter sites for multiple clients along with my own but last week one said client was all, “I want you to use Su.pr for our links.” So I checked it out and at first was not thrilled because thus far I haven’t seen that there’s a way to use it for multiple clients without going to the site (haven’t had enough time to explore settings yet), but otherwise it’s terribly addictive and cool. Su.pr allows you to see real time stats regarding clicks to your shortened link, the number of re-tweets your post get on Twitter, plus reviews and stumbles on StumbleUpon. If you write about a topic that does well on StumbleUpon (some do better than others) then you should give this service a whirl. Also read 10 Reasons You Should Use Su.pr for Twitter Links.

My Milk Toof – It’s almost irresponsible for me to send you here because it’s soooooooo addictive. It sounds like a waste of time honestly. I mean little teeth running around getting into shenanigans… huh? Who needs this. Apparently I do because I spent a whole lot of time at this now year old blog surfing back posts. Trust me, I’ve never been the type to get drawn into silly blogs like “Cats making cute faces” – it’s not for me. However, My Milk Toof draws you in with it’s totally unique stance. Also, while it’s cute sure, this blog is also a good example of something that’s missing from many a bland blog – originality. Check it out if you dare.

Maybe you’re too addicted? Some of us do more than blog like a normal sane person, we blog as if our life depends on it. We create multiple projects, think about blog traffic when we’re out with friends and just in general become consumed with too much blogging. That can be a good thing but it can also really hold you back from getting other stuff done. Read why Deb, blog guru that she is, thinks that multiple blogs might be your undoing.

Lastly, why not find out just how addicted you are. If you’ve got a few free minutes take the How Addicted to Blogging Are You quiz. I took it and the quiz says that I’m 90% addicted to blogging; which seems about right. *NOTE: Ignore the lame dating site sign-up and skip to the bottom of the page to see your results once you’ve taken the quiz.

What blogging issues/tools/etc. are you currently addicted to?

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      Organizing to fit your personal flow is hard. Honestly, I rearrange my schedule often, even now – tweaking is good to see what works better, worse, etc. I actually will also organize my blogs so that I know what I’ll be writing about each week, leaving some room for surprise posts like this one. That helps my flow.

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      Thanks for the nice words in your post! That toof site is too darn cute. I went on the wii with the kids, got online and we scrolled through about half a year of posts there and the kids were cracking up – I think this blogger has a market for children’s books for sure.

      • says

        yeah I would say there’s a market there for them. Has a real knack for making it fun, entertaining, teaching and real using those little boogers, I mean teef!

        Your welcome about the mention and words, glad you didn’t mind. Thanks for sharing it with us. I agree with your comment to Adrienne that throwing something in once in a while from the cuff as a surprise helps. It sure does me anyway.
        .-= Lees Shizzle´s last blog ..Is Blogging Addictive? If so I Need an Intervention =-.

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    I do check my postrank stats daily, but I can’t see any reason to go with anything else. No, they aren’t perfect – but they have a hint of officialness (is that a word?).
    .-= Erik Hare´s last blog ..Restaurant Biz =-.

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