Press Release Writer Needed – $100, the largest online provider of Christian Church Digital Media, is looking for an experienced press release writer, with extensive knowledge of Christianity, church identity and church marketing. The successful candidate will be writing highly effective, newsworthy monthly press releases focusing on Sharefaith’s new products, highlighting Christian seasons and holidays and helping Sharefaith communicate its cutting edge solutions for churches and ministries. The style of a press release is unique and you must be skilled in knowing how to hook a reader within the first paragraph!

Send your resume in an email (not an attachment) to [email protected] Include links to relevant press releases you have written.


  1. Thanks for this post–can you tell me where to apply for this position? I couldn’t find anything at their website.

  2. Sorry for being a bonehead–I didn’t see the comment (although I looked, truly!) until after I submitted my comment. Please delete it, and I’m sorry!

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