Freelance Writing Jobs Cinco de Mayo Edition

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy your day, all.

As announced yesterday, there will now be a small charge to post job ads to FWJ. The good news is that the process is totally automated now and you won’t need to wait for me to get to my email to post or delete ads. Ads will be viewable on the Freelance Writing Job Ads page, and I’ll also link to them in my daily leads posts. As soon a I can figure out the feed, I’ll make that available as well. Thanks for your understanding.

Also, I keep promising to announce the results of the Limerick Contest. I’ll do my best to do that today. We chose a winner weeks ago but life keeps getting in the way of the announcement!

This is the first of many major changes to happen at the Freelance Writing Jobs network. This summer will yield many surprises!

New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Natural Foods Writers
  2. SEO Writer – Santa Monica

Blogger Jobs

  1. Salon Industry Blogger
  2. Guest Bloggers Needed
  3. Freelance Health Blogger – $50/post
  4. PR/Marketing Blogger – $20/post
  5. Writer/Reviewer/Blogger – $20/post

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Quality Assurance Editors/Proofreaders
  2. Digital Medical Editor – NYC
  3. Acquisitions Editor
  4. Freelance Editor – Arlington VA
  5. Freelance Proofreader – Indianapolis
  6. Copyeditor Needed

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Freelance Copywriter
  2. Web Copywriter – Los Angeles
  3. Freelance copywriter
  4. Direct Mail Copywrite r– Northern Suburbs IL
  5. Interactive Design Copywriter
  6. Marketing Copywriter – Eastside WA
  7. Copywriter/Editor – Seattle
  8. Copywriter – Dallas
  9. Freelance Copywriter – NYC
  10. New Product Copywriter

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporter for Star Magazine
  2. Experienced Reporter to Conduct Interviews for Book
  3. Freelance Writer for The Troy Record
  4. Journalist – News & Sports – Melrose MA
  5. Freelance Journalist – Calabasas
  6. Legal Reporter – Columbus

Food Writing Jobs

  1. Food Writer Wanted – Napa

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Golf Correspondent

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Resume Writers
  2. Resume Help – NYC
  3. Resume Writer – NYC

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Economics Writer – NYC
  2. Freelance Math Editor/Writer – Chicago
  3. Freelance Writers Needed – .05/word
  4. Freelance Sr. Financial Writer – Pennington NJ
  5. Writer Needed – Wilmington
  6. Writer for Public Speaker – Lancaster
  7. Mediation Expert for Book Revision
  8. Press Release Writer
  9. Fashion Writer Needed
  10. Lesson Plan Write r- NYC

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  1. Janed says

    What are you *like*? MediTation, not Mediation! (General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs – 7. Mediation Expert for Book Revision).

    I pictured someone whose book revision was such a touchy subject that they needed a mediator to help them agree on changes! Mind you, it was the only job in the list that I clicked on, I was so curious to see what was involved… Perhaps mis-spelling headlines is a good publicity method?


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