Test Your Word-Nerd Abilities

OK, I supposed “word-nerd” might apply more aptly to games that test your grammar skills. These quizzes, on the other hand, are all about literature. I cannot believe how many of them there are out there. I may never get any work done again. Perhaps we should set up some sort of competition amongst FWJ readers to see who knows the most about their favorite authors or books.

Fun Trivia’s Literature Quizzes

So far I’ve taken quizzes for Clan of the Cave Bear and A Handmaid’s Tale. I am officially cutting myself off for the day, because things could take a ridiculous turn for the unproductive.  I’m pretty sure you can even create your own quizzes.  You know, in case sitting around all day taking them isn’t geeky enough for you.


  1. The term Word-Nerd is in and of itself very word-nerdy – in a good way, of course. If you say it fast enough, you can sound like the Swedish Chef!

  2. Great, just what I needed. Must resist the urge to take these quizzes :)

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