Freelance Writing Jobs for July 15, 2010

Good morning FWJ friends!  Here are your job leads for today.  I hope you find something that works for you.

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Business Web Content Writer (Long Beach)
  2. SEO Article Writer
  3. Project Based Writer with Web Marketing Strategy (Surrey, BC)
  4. Health & Fitness Writers for (Seattle)
  5. Freelance Online Writer – Local Restaurants (Seattle / Tacoma area)
  6. Writer for online articles (Nevada County, CA)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Freelance Blogger (Potrero Hill)
  2. Bloggers for Outdora
  3. Blogger for Photography Business (New Jersey)
  4. Legal Blog Writer
  5. Celebrity Gossip Blogger (Maine)
  6. Part-time Blogger/Work from Home/ College Student (Atlanta)
  7. Blogger/Reporter Needed for Red Carpet Movie Premier (Brattle Theatre – Cambridge)
  8. Facebook Fan Page/Blogger (Montreal)

Copy Writing Jobs

  1. SEO Copywriter (Sherman Oaks, CA)
  2. Freelance Marketing Copywriter
  3. Freelance Copywriter (Woodland Hills, CA)
  4. Freelance Copywriter – Fashion and Beauty (San Francisco, CA)
  5. Copywriter (North Dallas, TX)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Editor for Sci-fi Novel
  2. Freelance Copy Editor
  3. Freelance Medical Editor & Copy Editors
  4. Memoir Editor (Calgary)
  5. Bilingual (English to French) Editor/Translator (Toronto)
  6. Wikipedia Editor (Toronto)
  7. Editor for Memoir – The Return of Gritty (Toronto)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporters for Sudbury Patch
  2. Reporter/Photographer (Campbell River, BC)

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Technical Writer (El Segundo, CA)
  2. Technical Writer (Toronto)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Part-time Grant Writer (IL)

Travel Writing Jobs

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Sports Writers for Sudbury Patch

Resume Writing Jobs

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Essay Writers
  2. Medical/Holistic Health Writer
  3. Freelance Writer (St. Louis, MO)
  4. Article Review on ELL Education
  5. Ghostwriters For Celebrity Sites
  6. Research Writer
  7. Market Research Analysts/Writers
  8. Screenplay Writer (Denver)
  9. Writer/Editor/Researcher for Book on Employment Counseling (Toronto)
  10. Freelance Writers (UK)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Freelance Writer for New St. Charles County Magazine (St. Louis)


  1. says

    I just discovered your site–it was recommended to me by another freelance writer on WordPress. IJWTS this is the BEST site of its kind I have seen anywhere online. The site is easy to use and appealing, the articles are intelligent, interesting and useful and the job leads seem to be good. I’m still exploring, on my second day here. I appreciate a good service like this!

  2. Michael says


    Updates to the homepage still have not appeared for me (and, judging from some of the other comments within the site, for many other people, as well) since July 2. I’m a longtime user of FWJ and had all but given up on the site over the last two weeks; that is, until I accidentally discovered today that I can view the recent updates by clicking Writing Jobs Leads on the homepage, which then takes me within the site, where I can see the aforementioned updates under All Recent Posts. Nevertheless, the homepage has for me still not seen any updates in nearly two weeks. I’ve tried clearing my cache, using different browsers and even different computers — but still nothing. I’m happy I’ve at least find a roundabout resolution to this problem, but it remains frustrating that the site is not working properly, and I fear you’ve already lost many fellow longtime users who have given up the site with the homepage being seemingly inactive for so long. Here’s hoping you can work out a solution to this issue soon.


        • franky says

          Michael, check out the homepage again. It’s not 100% correct yet (unless you use Safari) but I think we’ve finally found the error causing the issue. :)

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