Freelance Writing Jobs for August 16, 2010

Looks like people were busy posting job ads over the weekend.  We’ve got a bunch of blogging and editing jobs for today.  Wishing everyone a productive week!

New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network

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Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Writer for About Us Page
  2. Writer for New Detroit Deals Website
  3. Content Writer
  4. Writer/Web Research for Blogging Tips
  5. Website Writers (London, UK)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Fashion Blogger for Handbags
  2. Personal Finance  Blogger
  3. TV Tech Blogger (Atlanta)
  4. Beauty Blogger
  5. Nursing Blogger
  6. Animal-loving Blogger
  7. Dutch Blogger
  8. Blogger for
  9. Bloggers about IT Outsourcing Trends

Copy Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Copywriter for Speck (Palo Alto)
  2. Freelance Copywriter for R/GA (New York)
  3. Freelance Copywriter – Business/Management
  4. French-Canadian Copywriter with Ad Agency Experience (South Bay, CA)
  5. Copywriter for Website

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Editor
  2. Copy Editor for Website
  3. Copy Editor (Alexandria, VA)
  4. Copyeditor – Native French Speaker (San Francisco)
  5. Editorial Assistant (Montreal)
  6. Calgary-based Evening Editor for Toronto-based Firm (Calgary, Alberta)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporters for Foster City Patch
  2. Online Trend Reporter for Market Research
  3. Freelance Reporters (Paterson, NJ)

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Technical Writer Needed ASAP (Los Angeles County)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

Travel Writing Jobs

Sports Writing Jobs

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer (Toronto)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Writer for Children’s Book
  2. Translator for Website – English to Spanish (West Hollywood)
  3. Freelance Legal Researcher/Writer (Chicago)
  4. English to French Translator (Montreal)
  5. Writing Assistant (Calgary)
  6. Temporary Writer – Corporate Employee Communications (Surrey, BC)
  7. Cultural Fluent (Canada)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Writer for San Diego Magazine
  2. Magazine Writers (DC/MD/VA)


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    I just did a post on Freelance Writing, and I directed my readers to your blog as well. Great resource and thanks for taking the time to update it on a regular basis!

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