Freelance Writing Jobs for August 31, 2010

Good morning, FWJ friends!  Here are your job leads for today.  Enjoy the last day of August!

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Article Writer (Cleveland, Ohio)
  2. Math Content Writers for Grades 6-11
  3. Content Providers – Debt Relief (Georgia)
  4. Article Writer (London)
  5. Freelance Writers – Demand Media Studios (Philadelphia Area)
  6. Content Writer (Huntington Beach)
  7. Article Writers for Website
  8. Poker Writer

Blogging Jobs

  1. Freelance Automotive Bloggers (Fort Lauderdale)
  2. PR/Blog Writer (US)

Copy Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Pharma/Medical Copywriter (Indianapolis, IN)
  2. Web Copy Writer (Dallas)
  3. Healthcare Copywriter (Philadelphia)
  4. Freelance Web Content Copywriter/Blogger (Seattle)
  5. Copywriter/Copy Editor (Manhattan)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Technical Report Editing/Formatting (Toronto)
  2. Medical Editor (NY Metro Area)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Journalists/Writers (SW Houston)

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Technical Writer (San Diego)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

Travel Writing Jobs

Sports Writing Jobs

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Software Developer Resume/Cover Letter Writer (Chicago)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Video Game Writers
  2. Freelance Sales Writer
  3. Children’s Book Writer
  4. Bilingual Memoir Writer – Persian/English (Victoria, Canada)
  5. Minutes Writer (Downtown Vancouver)
  6. Community Profile Writer (British Columbia)
  7. Translator – English to Chinese (Greater Vancouver)
  8. Press Release Writer (Greater Toronto Area)
  9. Japanese to English Translator
  10. Fashion Writer (Canada)
  11. Company Profile Writer (Las Vegas)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Freelance Golf and Men’s Lifestyle Writers for Avid Magazine (St. Louis)
  2. Writers for Healthcare Magazine
  3. Paid Interns for Online Fashion Magazine (Toronto)


  1. says

    Thanks for the list, one posting under “Content Writing Jobs” had a link to another Job Board site, a little tacky on their part since the listing was for writer mill websites.

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