This Month in Media News

It’s that time of the month! While you were hunched over your keyboard writing articles and SEO-ing the heck out of your blog, you may have missed these industry nuggets:

You may have heard that Editor & Publisher will cease publication at the end of the year, but you may have missed this great Q&A between Greg Marx of Columbus Journalism Review and Editor & Publisher’s editor-in-chief Greg Mitchell.

Like eating? Like blogging about eating? If you can articulate the difference between nutmeg and cinnamon you may be interested in learning: Spanfeller Preps Foodie Launch for Web from AdWeek.

What happens when a newspaper decides to wrap itself in advertising so you don’t see the, um, news? You have the USA Today founder going bananas over it:  Not on His Watch, USA Today Founder Says courtesy of The NYTimes.

Make your living hipping homeowners to the latest color palate and design details? Check your Rolodex folks – there’s been some shift at some “Home” magazines. Elle Decor and Architectural Digest do the magazine shuffle. Shifts at Top of Home Magazines from The NYTimes.

Is Digg losing its revelance? Traffic is on the decline – no news there, but the interesting news the site has been gamed by politicos seeking to bury left-leaning stories. Power of the people or political pansy? Mashable has the scoop Digg Gamed by Conservative Conspiracy; How Does Digg Bury It?

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