Don't Freelance

My darling husband sent me a link today, and all I could make out from the URL was “stuff no one told me” and “don’t freelance.”

“Uh-oh,” I thought.  “He’s finally decided he’s had enough of this being in business for myself thing and is trying to build a case against it.”  (I’m very glass-is-half-empty here in the last week or so of this pregnancy.)  Instead, he had found a really funny couple of cartoons that I think many of you will relate to all too well.

It’s by Alex Noriega at Stuff No One Told Me, and I highly recommend you click the link and take a look at the other cartoon posted below this one.  It has dirty words.


  1. That is definitely the reality.

  2. Well, one thing for sure, this is funny & it doesn’t stop me from being a freelancer.

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