The Harry Potter Franchise


Since the first Harry Potter book was released in June 30, 1997, the series has received an interesting mixture of acclaim and criticism.  From a single book, the franchise has expanded to seven novels and six movies (the seventh one is due to be released before the end of the year).  The first few novels received heaps of praise from critics, but the fifth installment seemed to attract more negative reviews.

In spite of the criticism, the Harry Potter franchise can be considered one of the most successful in history.  In fact, it has made author J.K. Rowling the only billionaire author thus far.  Whether or not you are a Harry Potter fan, you cannot deny the impact that the series has had in popular culture.

Ever wondered just how many people have bought/read/watched the books/movies?  Here’s a pretty nifty summary of the figures involving Harry Potter – books and movies.

Bearing Harry Potter fans in mind, we’ve thrown in interactive elements that will give you more information on the actors and characters.  Enjoy playing around with the characters below!

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