Freelance Writing Jobs for October 18, 2010


Good morning, everyone!  Here is the first group of freelance job leads for the week. Have a wonderful week!

New Around the Freelance Writing Jobs Network

Are You Ingenuous or Ingenious?

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Article Writer  – Forex (Anywhere)
  2. Article Writer/Content Developer (Toronto/Work from Home)
  3. Freelance Web Content Writer for The Supplies Guys (Ohio)
  4. Web Writer for Non-profit (Washington, DC)
  5. Web Content Writer (Virtual)
  6. Website/Article Writer (Las Vegas)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Blogger/Community Manager  – Italy Magazine
  2. Boating & Fishing Blogger (Australia)
  3. Personal Finance Blogger
  4. Blogger – Professional Photographer (USA)
  5. Real Estate Blogger for (Boston)
  6. Bloggers for Dementia Caregiver Website
  7. Part-time Blogger – Animal Welfare (Virtual)
  8. SEO/Blog Writer (Minneapolis)

Copy Writing Jobs

  1. Advertising Copywriters (Remote)
  2. Senior Pharma Copywriter (Manhattan)
  3. Freelance Automotive Copywriter (New York)
  4. Advertising Copywriter – Real Estate (Los Angeles)
  5. World of Warcraft Guide Web Copywriter (Work from Home)
  6. Copywriter for an Upscale Independent Retirement Community (Anywhere)
Proofreading/Editing Jobs
Journalism Jobs

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Senior Technical Writer (Columbia, SC)
  2. Part-time Technical Writer – Business Development/Strategy (Virginia)
  3. Technical Writer – IT Company (Prince George’s County)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Florida, Caribbean, Central America Travel Writers & Bloggers (Anywhere)
  2. Travel Writers (Toronto)

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Sports Reporter (Mercer Island)
  2. Freelance Sports Writer for Patch (White Lake/Milford Area, Detroit)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Military Resume Writer (Online)
  2. Resume Writer (Arlington, MA)
  3. Resume Writer (Detroit)


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