Freelance Writing Jobs for November 11, 2010


Good morning, everyone!  Have you ever had a client drag his feet?  I am sure you’ve all had that experience.  Well, Jodee has something for you today.  Check her new article out by clicking on the link below.

Good luck with the writing gigs today!  Oh, and have a meaningful Veterans Day!

New Article

How to Deal When a Client Drags Their Feet

Freelance Writing Jobs

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Contract Technical Writer (Arlington, VA)
  2. Technical Writer (Herndon, VA)
  3. Technical Writer, SQL (Jersey City, NJ)
  4. Senior Technical Writer (Indianapolis)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Grant Writer (Culver City)

Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Witty Travel Writer (Union Square)

Sports Writing Jobs

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer (Philadelphia)


  1. says

    Thanks for the list. Interesting, a job listed itself and wants applicants to google their keyword “fresh vending…” Sounds like a marketing ploy to me. Just leave our email address, it’s simpler for me.

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