The Best of FWJ February

February brought most of us in the States snow storm after snow storm, Valentine’s Day and some really informative posts from the FWJ crew. Here are a few of the most popular:

Applying for a Freelance Writing Gig Without Looking Desperate by Jodee Redmond

In this post Jodee cautions against oversharing when looking for writing gigs.

Is Your Blog Dressed For Success? by Gayla Baer-Taylor

First impressions are important. Gayla shows you how to make sure your blog turns heads.

I’m a Ghostwriter (Get Over It) – by Jeffery Reyes

In this terrific guest post, Jeffery hits on the many misconceptions people have about writing professionals.

How to Influence Editors and Make Friends – By Terreece M. Clarke

Some writers get all the breaks? Actually, those writers position themselves for breaks by delivering professionalism.

Why You Want to Keep Your Copyright – By Jonathan Bailey

“In short, having copyright in your freelance writing projects not only gives you a guarantee that you will always own your work and a means to enforce the terms of the contract, it also gives you peace of mind.”

A Radical Response to Piracy – By Robin Parrish

Robin explores the silver lining in having your book pirated.

5 Common Ways Freelance Writers Get Scammed – By Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan hips writers to a few of the common scams that are out there.

Non-Errors in the English Language (Part 1) – By Noemi Twigg

Noemi points out some of the common errors that aren’t really errors. Whew!

Freelance Writing Success: Are We There Yet? – By Jodee Redmond

Defining freelance writing success your way.

Job Security in Freelance Writing – By Jodee Redmond

Can you really make a living as a freelance writer?

Did we miss one of your favs? Tell us below!

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