7 Blogs You Should Be Reading ‘Write’ Now

I firmly believe reading great writing is key to becoming a great writer. It doesn’t matter the subject, what matters is how the writer connects with their readers and how well they deliver the information they are charged with conveying.

Check out these great blogs *listed in no particular order.*

1. The Oatmeal

Before you cry ‘Foul!’ Yes, The Oatmeal is not a traditional, 500-word-per-post blog. It is, however, incredibly clever with the small amount of words each post uses. Each blog hits its target and it doesn’t dwell on ledes to do it.

2. TechCrunch

Chock full of information, TechCrunch is a tech lover’s New York Times. It combines straight forward writing with a strong understanding of its audience. The only way those folks are going to talk about their cat is if the cat wrote a review about an app.

3. Social Media Examiner

Want to know how to maximize your LinkedIn contacts? Stuck on hashtags? Social Media Examiner wades into the ever changing world of social media and successfully caters to both the novice and experienced social media user. The writing is clean and focused. Bullet points, headers and lists are always used to break down information quickly and clearly.

4. The Urban Muse

A writing site with great writing. The Urban Muse tackles everything from networking to time management and gets readers engaged with its ‘Open Thread’ posts. Funny, real and useful – what else do you need?

5. Inkygirl

Here is another writer’s website with great writing, fantastic information and hilarious comics. Inkygirl‘s Debbie Ridpath Ohi really needs to stop looking in my window and using my life as inspiration for her comics. Despite the fact that she lives hundreds of miles away and draws me as a white woman with short hair I know it’s me. :)

6. DadCentric

The power of mom blogs has rocked many a wayward corporate campaign, (Right Motrin?) has been documented in traditional media and even highlighted on Oprah. Dad blogs, on the other hand, have received less fanfare. It’s a shame because blog networks like DadCentric are producing really wonderful content from a perspective that is too often trounced upon by perception. I have long held the belief the “mom knows best” bit is B.S. *climbing off my soapbox now* Beer, bottles, better parenting and butt-kickin’ content makes this a great bit of blogosphere.

7. Freelance Writing Jobs

Yes, this blog. Freelance Writing Jobs is more than daily job leads. We are thriving blog with great information and professional writers who work hard to bring what we learn to others. Go beyond the home page into some of the categories and archives. There is a wide variety of solid information available. Plus we write good too. :)

Got a favorite blog? Tell us below!




  1. says

    Thanks for including The Urban Muse! I’d also add Steph Auteri’s Freelancedom.com, as it blends candid humor and how-to’s on freelance writing and freelancing in general.


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