Freelance Writing Jobs for March 9, 2011

CVWhat does freelance mean? According to, the word freelance means a knight or mercenary who would sell his services to any lord who is willing to pay. Combine the words freelance and writer and you obviously get the meaning.

Are you a knight looking for a lord? Go post your skills in our comment section. Who knows, a lord might be lurking here looking for a knight.

New Articles

When a freelance writing job doesn’t pay
Never “apologize” for lack of posting

Content Writing

  1. Need an Author for Personality Disorder Book (Boston / Anywhere)
  2. Website Writer for NYC Tour (New York / Anywhere)
  3. Sports Writer (Baseball) (New York / Anywhere)
  4. PR or Speech Writer (New York)
  5. Content Writers for BackPocket Magazine (Austin / Anywhere)
  6. Content Writer for Pink Ink Magazine (Austin / Anywhere)
  7. Part-Time Baseball Writers (San Antonio / Anywhere)
  8. Music Writer (Dallas Anywhere
  9. Satire Writer (Denver / Anywhere)
  10. Online Writers (Seattle / Anywhere)
  11. Weekend Reviewer (Seattle)
  12. Freelance Writer on Patio Furniture (Toronto / Anywhere)
  13. Writer for Reverse Mergers Website (South Florida / Anywhere)
  14. Freelance Writer for Real Estate Magazine (Phoenix / Anywhere)
  15. Home and Magazine Writers (San Francisco / Anywhere)
  16. White Paper Writers/Editors (California)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Yoga Teacher/Blogger (Torornto / Anywhere)
  2. Bloggers for Reviews and Suggestions (Maryland)

Editing Jobs

  1. Book Editor (North Carolina)

Copy Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Web Copy Writer (Houston / Anywhere)
  2. Copy Writers (Dallas)
  3. Freelance Copy Writer (Chicago)


  1. Freelance Press Release Writer (Michigan / Anywhere)


  1. Joshua says

    Why are the quality of these posts declining so? The organization of the jobs being posted is almost not existent (why bother having categories?). There are always errors in the text. The quality of the job posts have severely declined.

    Has anyone else noticed, or am I taking crazy pills?

  2. Ann says

    But you were a supposed writer and research editor, and you can’t do simple grammatical checks? This is just sloppy, in my opinion.

  3. says

    Thank you Minic for taking the time to post these jobs this week. I appreciate you providing this free service. And, we are all entitled to grammatical errors now and then, even as writers….we can’t all be perfect now can we? :)

  4. Chris says

    Get a life you complainers! This is a FREE service — so anything you get (even one smple job lead or short post) is more than you’ve paid for. It’s not so much what you are saying, but HOW you say it. For instance, a simple “I appreciate this service, though I’ve noticed there have beewn fewer job leads than usual for a bit now. Is there a reason and will this change?” I hope you people *write* better than you *deal with people.*

  5. says

    There are historically too many complaints on this site, especially because this site delivers a free service facilitating the job search of these complainers. Complainers who use this site and our free services daily.

    I have observed this for a long time, ever since we acquired the site, and Deb Ng also has mentioned this problem to us as one of the reasons in her decision to sell FWJ. It seems that there are freelancers visiting this free service who do NOT appreciate new people to encroach on their favorite free site, even if just to contribute tips and jobs leads, making their job quest simpler and less time consuming. Every day our contributors spend 3-4 hours to provide our readers with the job leads. For a while we have considered ‘extended’ job leads as a premium service but that would also result in complaining, even if the paid part was additional to the regular part. It’s a LOSE-LOSE situation it seems.

    We have no problem with criticism but too often the critics are harsh, rude and just flame to flame. We will not continue to tolerate this and as usual add these people, their email, IP and URL to our spam filter.
    Hit out offensively at any of our contributors and it does NOT matter how correct you might be, rude comments are not welcome here and I will flame back. I defend all Splashpress Media contributors blindly and reply to the flamers in the same tone as they attacked our writers.

    If this trend doesn’t urgently change I will take other measures and don’t be surprised if next week no comments will be allowed anymore or only comments via your Facebook account. Even in the latter case we will continue to harshly moderate and ‘block & ban’ people who lose too much time flaming our authors.

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