Freelance Writing Jobs for August 17, 2011


WriterGood morning, everyone! I am off to a late start today, so I can already foresee a somewhat stressful day. I hope that you are faring better!

Here’s something to think about from Maya Angelou.

Nothing will work unless you do.

Have a great Wednesday!

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer (Atlanta)
  2. Content Writer – Drag Racing (USA)
  3. Article Writer – Real Estate (Remote)
  4. Guides – Spanish (Remote)
  5. Guides and Topic Guides (Remote)
  6. Part-time SEO/Content Writers (Telecommute)
  7. Environmental Content Writer (Boston/Remote)
  8. Article Writer – Product Comparison (Dallas)
  9. Experienced Dental Writer (Work from Home)
  10. Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Writer (Denver and Surrounding Areas)
  11. Minority Golf Writers (Oakland, Detroit)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Blogger for Web Series (Work from Home)
  2. Apple Blogger (Work from Home)
  3. Halloween Trend Blogger (Remote)
  4. Sports/Women’s Apparel Blogger (Manhattan)
  5. Lifestyle Blogger (Flatiron)
  6. Blogger (Martinez, San Francisco)
  7. Automotive Blogger (Austin)

Copywriting Jobs

  1. SEO Copywriter – Law-related (Telecommute)
  2. Freelance Copywriter (NYC/Offsite)
  3. Website Copywriter – Technology (Chicago)
  4. Japanese-speaking Copywriter (West LA/Offsite)
  5. Marketing Writer for Tax Attorney (Oak Park, Chicago)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Editor – Fantasy Novels (Telecommute)
  2. Editor for Fiction Novels (Noe Valley, San Francisco)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporters and Photographers (South End, Boston/Telecommute)
  2. Roving Reporter (NYC)

Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Online Travel Editor (Canada)
  2. Ghost Writer for Children’s Travel Guide (Orange County/Telecommute)

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Sports Writers (Llano, Austin)
  2. Creative Writers for Sports Entertainment Program (Oakland Co., Detroit)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Professional Resume Writer (Kingwood Area, Houston)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Web Assistant for IN New York Magazine (NYC)
  2. Writers/Editors for (Telecommute)
  3. Political Writer (Boston Area)
  4. English to Spanish/Mexican Translator (NYC)
  5. PR/Social Media Pro (Chelsea)
  6. English to Sango Translator (Brooklyn)
  7. Creative Writer – The Story of Creation (Remote)
  8. Korean to English Translators (LA)
  9. PR Specialist (Manhattan Beach, CA)
  10. Ghost Author (Toronto/Telecommute)
  11. Writers for Children’s Fashion (Texas)
  12. Screenplay Writer (Boston/South Shore)
  13. Social Media/Blog/Content Writer (Boston/Virtual)
  14. Story Board Writer for Music Video (Chicago)
  15. Press Release Writer (Miami)


  1. says

    Just a query, are there any content writing jobs that can be done over mail and stuff. Reviews and stuff. I am from india and from what I see its very US based.

    Let me know.
    Interested in working :)



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