Freelance Writing Jobs for December 23, 2011


WriterGood morning, FWJ friends! We wish you all a blessed Christmas full of joy and peace.

We’re taking a break on Monday, December 26, so we’ll see you again on the 27th.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing

  1. Freelance Car Audio/Video Writer (Telecommute)
  2. Aromatherapy Website Writer
  3. Web Content Writer (Battery Park)
  4. Web Content Writer – Human Resources (Telecommute)
  5. Education Writers (Brooklyn)
  6. Legal Writers (Remote)
  7. Online Natural Health Senior Editor/Writer (Telecommute)
  8. Article Writer – College Life (Florida)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Legal Blogger (Telecommute)
  2. Blogger (Las Vegas)
  3. Music and Lifestyle Bloggers (Anywhere)
  4. Real Estate Blogger (Boston/Telecommute)

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Senior Business/IT Writer (Anywhere)
  2. Pharma Copywriter (Manhattan)
  3. Copywriter (LA)
  4. Freelance Packaging Copywriter (NY/Telecommute)
  5. Ad Writer (Work from Home)
  6. Book Jacket Copywriter (Telecommute)
  7. Marketing Campaign Writer (NYC)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Editor for Short Whitepaper (Framingham, Boston)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Editorial Assistant (NYC)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Business Plan Writer (NY)
  2. Business Plan Writer (NY)
  3. Business Plan Writer (Anywhere)
  4. Experienced Grant Writer (Atlanta)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Expert Resume Writer

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Researcher for Editorial Proposals (Telecommute)
  2. Freelance Writer/Journalist (London, UK)
  3. Social Media Point Person – Online Boutique (LA)
  4. Social Media Guru (LA/Offsite)
  5. Brazilian Portuguese Translator – URGENT! (LA)
  6. Internet Savvy Writer – Newsletters (San Diego)
  7. Greek Translator (Sacramento)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Magazine Article Writers (Minneapolis/Telecommute)


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