Freelance Writing Jobs for December 9, 2011

WriterHello, everyone! How did your week go? Are you breathing a sigh of relief that it is Friday, or are you wishing for more than 24 hours in a day so that you can get more done? Don’t forget to take a breather – even if it’s only for a few hours – this weekend.

Here are your freelance writing jobs for today.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing

  1. Article Writer – Health Information Technology
  2. Web Content Writer for Non-profit (NYC)
  3. Freelance Content Writers – Law Firm (Dallas)
  4. Wikipedia Writer (Miami)
  5. Article Writer – Dog Grooming (San Diego)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Diablo 3 Blogger (NYC)
  2. Econ Blogger (Anywhere)
  3. Article Writer for Blog

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Luxury Service Web Copywriter (Telecommute)
  2. Part-time Copywriter (Toronto)
  3. French Copywriter (Montreal)
  4. Part-time Web Copywriter (Irvine/Telecommute)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Editor for Essays (SoHo)
  2. Part-time Editor – Oncology Competitive Intelligence Reports (Telecommute)
  3. Editor for Articles (OC)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Freelance Reporter (Eastern Shore, MD)
  2. Editor for International Trade Publication (Telecommute)
  3. Contributing Writers/Editors for Digital Publication (Downtown Toronto/Telecommute)

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Software Technical Writer (Atlanta/Telecommute)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Grant Writing Assistants (Union Square)

Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Online Guide Writers (Work from Home)

Sports Writing Jobs

  1. Sports Writer (Anywhere)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Ghost Writer (Remote)
  2. Press Release Writer/Copywriter (Williamsburg)
  3. Japanese Translator (Anywhere)
  4. Arabic & Hebrew Translators (SoHo/Work from Home)
  5. Ghost Writers (CT)
  6. Creative Writers – Dating Websites
  7. Greek Translator (Telecommute)
  8. German Translator (Telecommute)
  9. French Translator (Telecommute)
  10. Biography Writer (Canada/Telecommute)
  11. Writer/Editor – Cancer Patient Journal (Online)
  12. Chinese Translator (LA)
  13. Speech Therapist Writer (LA)
  14. OT Writer/Researcher (LA)
  15. Ghost Writer – Children’s Author (LA)
  16. Reviewer for Chain Pizzeria (Dallas)
  17. Writer for One Man Show on JFK (Philadelphia)
  18. Writer for Health and Fitness Project (Portland)
  19. Statement/Bio Writer for Artist (San Diego)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Contributors to New Men’s Magazine (London, UK)


Noemi Twigg has been writing for Splashpress Media for several years. An English teacher by profession, she has a penchant for words and likes to play around with them. Having been bitten by the travel bug, she aims to discover more languages in the near future as she continues to do what she loves most - writing.


  1. Hi Noemi,
    Like many, I’m glad it’s Friday. Even though I have several writing projects to finish, I will take time to enjoy the season.
    Thanks again, for the list and I hope you and everyone has a great weekend!
    Toni Star´s last blog post ..Check out my article on Choices and my new book!

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