Freelance Writing Jobs for February 20, 2012

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing JobsHappy Monday, everyone! Are you ready to take on a new week?

Here are your freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing

  1. Gossip/Celebrity/Style Writer (Manhattan)
  2. Profile Writer for Carpenter’s Website (Vancouver)
  3. Web Writer (Toronto)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Full-time Blogger and Social Media Manager (Work from Home)
  2. Wedding Blogger (Anywhere)

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Freelance Copywriters for LivingSocial (Augusta, GA)
  2. Product Copywriter (NYC)
  3. Business Writer (NYC)
  4. Experienced Copywriter – A/V Material (Manhattan)
  5. Business/Sales Letter Copywriter (Telecommute)
  6. Daily Deal Writer (Vancouver)
  7. Copywriter for Animation (Montreal)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Proofreader (Long Island/Telecommute)
  2. Freelance Copy Editor (NYC)
  3. Script Editor (NYC)
  4. Scientific Manuscript Editor (Telecommute)
  5. Proofreader for Japanese to English Translation
  6. Proofreader for Feature Scripts (Encino)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Reporter-Photographer (LA)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Part-time Grant Writer (Doylestown, PA)
  2. Business Plan Writer (New York State)
  3. Film Grant Writer (NYC)
  4. Business Plan Writer (LA)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Professional Resume Writer (San Mateo/Telecommute)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Writer (Telecommute)
  2. Niche Writers (Telecommute)
  3. Creative Freelance Writer (SOMA/Telecommute)
  4. Ghost Writer (Southern NH)
  5. Freelance Writer to Cover Supreme Court Arguments on Health Reform Law (DC)
  6. Food Writer (Williamsburg)
  7. Russian Writer (Brooklyn)
  8. English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator
  9. Curriculum Developer – Distance Learning (Manhattan)
  10. Writer/Editor (Anywhere)
  11. Non-fiction Writer (Vancouver)
  12. English to German Translator for iPad App (San Francisco)
  13. Comedy Writer for Comic Book (Hollywood)
  14. Writer for Series of Monologues (LA)
  15. Press Release Specialist – Arts (West LA)
  16. Ghostwriter/Editor – Superhero Story
  17. Narrative Entertainment Writer – ASAP (LA)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Freelance Writers for American Trade Magazines (Denver Area/Telecommute)
  2. Writers for New Men’s Magazine (USA)
  3. Writers for Motorcycle Racing Magazine

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